LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 4 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 4 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Madeline of "History of the World, Part I": KAHN

5 Respectful address to a woman: MAAM

9 Declare void: ANNUL

14 Sailing or whaling: ASEA

15 Jackson 5 hairdo: AFRO

16 Golden-egg layer: GOOSE

17 Line on a Yankee uniform: PINSTRIPE

19 Lather, __, repeat: RINSE

20 Have a share (of): PARTAKE

21 Arachnophobe's worry: SPIDERS

23 "__ questions?": ANY

24 Lean (on): RELY

26 "Gorillas in the Mist" primate: APE

27 Youngest "American Idol" winner: JORDINSPARKS

32 Skirt fold: PLEAT

35 Facts and figures: DATA

36 Square root of IX: III

37 Open and breezy: AIRY

38 Like babies' knees: PUDGY

40 Laugh really hard: HOWL

41 Rule, briefly: REG

42 Pueblo-dwelling people: HOPI

43 Numerical relationship: RATIO

44 Several characters on TV's "The Americans": RUSSIANSPIES

48 List-ending abbr.: ETC

49 Throw hard: HURL

50 Morse code word: DAH

53 Portable charcoal grill: HIBACHI

57 How some chew gum: NOISILY

59 Novelist Wharton: EDITH

60 Washing machine feature shown graphically in this puzzle's circles: SPINCYCLE

62 Free-for-all: MELEE

63 "The African Queen" screenwriter James: AGEE

64 Gas in a sign: NEON

65 Burpee buy: SEEDS

66 Hospital section: WARD

67 "ÀC—mo __ usted?": ESTA


1 Phi Beta __: KAPPA

2 Lai or Thai: ASIAN

3 Name of eight English kings: HENRY

4 Condé __: NAST

5 Sharpie, for one: MARKER

6 Off the beaten path: AFIELD

7 Dadaist Jean: ARP

8 "The Simpsons" bar: MOES

9 Marcus __, victorious commander at Actium: AGRIPPA

10 "I'm drawing a blank": NOIDEA

11 Zilch: NONE

12 44-Across' land: Abbr.: USSR

13 Levi's alternatives: LEES

18 Mystic's deck: TAROT

22 Sickly pale: PASTY

25 Language that gave us "kvetch": YIDDISH

27 Gatsby of "The Great Gatsby": JAY

28 Remind nonstop: NAG

29 Run amok: RIOT

30 Fuzzy fruit: KIWI

31 Fodder holder: SILO

32 Henry VIII's last wife Catherine: PARR

33 In __ of: substituted for: LIEU

34 Energy units: ERGS

38 Cook just below a boil: POACH

39 Network absorbed by The CW: UPN

40 Possesses: HAS

42 Bums a ride: HITCHES

43 Piece from the past: RELIC

45 On chairs: SEATED

46 Smaller and weaker: PUNIER

47 Smoothed out the wrinkles: IRONED

50 Cuts into cubes: DICES

51 Portion out: ALLOT

52 "Laughing" scavenger: HYENA

53 Garment edges: HEMS

54 Bordeaux notion: IDEE

55 Gallbladder fluid: BILE

56 Part of Caesar's boast: ISAW

58 Holiday song ender: SYNE

61 Ryder Cup co-administrating org.: PGA

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