LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 4 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Colorful chatterbox: MACAW

6 Needing a refill: LOW

9 Either of two "Monday, Monday" singers: MAMA

13 Ohno in the Olympics: APOLO

14 Mahershala of "House of Cards": ALI

15 '50s vaccine pioneer: SABIN

16 Appreciation for Jay-Z's music? RAPPLAUSE

18 Big name in Civil War fiction: OHARA

19 A play may have just one: ACT

20 Terminates: FIRES

21 Sanctioned by Islamic law: HALAL

22 Kitchen address: CHEF

24 Compilation of angry blog posts? RANTHOLOGY

26 Fizz up: AERATE

28 Rights wrongs: ATONES

29 Much of E. Europe, once: SSRS

30 Squeal: TELL

33 Feb. NC hours: EST

34 Jamaican drink garnish? RUMBRELLA

38 With 15-Down, brow-wiping comment: ITS

41 Crew pair: OARS

42 Disney bigwig: IGER

45 Exchange: SWITCH

48 Blue hues: AZURES

50 Deckhand unable to raise the sails? RIGNORAMUS

54 Moderate: EASE

55 Bug: ANNOY

56 One following a point: TENTH

58 Penn in NYC, e.g.: STN

59 Online cash-back deal: EBATE

60 "In Rainbows" rockers, and a hint to what changes four puzzle answers: RADIOHEAD

62 Cubist Fernand: LEGER

63 Lager alternative: ALE

64 Tee choice: LARGE

65 March time: IDES

66 Aleppo's home: Abbr.: SYR

67 Fourth circle of hell inhabitant, in Dante: MISER


1 Half a percussion pair: MARACA

2 Boeing 3-Down: APACHES

3 See 2-Down: COPTERS

4 Lofty peak: ALP

5 Scarf (down): WOLF

6 Michelle's White House predecessor: LAURA

7 Worker with Lane and Kent: OLSEN

8 "Let Them All Talk" actress Dianne: WIEST

9 Island thanks: MAHALO

10 Sea otter prey: ABALONE

11 They're not real: MIRAGES

12 Handwriting __: ANALYST

15 See 38-Across: SOHOT

17 Concession ending: AIRE

23 Klinger on "M*A*S*H": FARR

25 Room access: HALL

27 Volunteer State sch.: TSU

30 Placeholder abbr.: TBA

31 Goof: ERR

32 Survivalist Stroud: LES

35 Jay of "Last Comic Standing": MOHR

36 Lemon on "30 Rock": LIZ

37 Feverish feeling: AGUE

38 Haifa native: ISRAELI

39 Hotel option: TWINBED

40 Turnpike reading: SIGNAGE

43 They remove bad marks: ERASERS

44 Bring back to Broadway: RESTAGE


47 More evasive: COYER

48 Wine region near Cuneo: ASTI

49 One might get a return: SENDER

51 Razor choices: ATRAS

52 Devious: MEALY

53 Ready for the operation: UNDER

57 Ian of "The Hobbit": HOLM

61 "Bali __": HAI

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