LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Logician Turing: ALAN

5 15-Across protagonist: RIPLEY

11 HMO group: MDS

14 Try out, briefly: DEMO

15 1986 sci-fi sequel: ALIENS

16 Exist: ARE

17 Give it the old college try: DOONESLEVEL

19 Spray __: GUN

20 It's no exit: ONRAMP

21 Start of a cheer: SIS

22 Await judgment: PEND

23 Woman in the Book of Ruth: NAOMI

24 Sailing pronoun: SHE

25 "Much appreciated," in Munich: DANKE

26 Aligned: TRUE

27 Benchmarks on the way to mastery: GOODBETTER

29 Pigs out (on): ODS

30 One may be rolled out in a stadium: TARP

31 Plenty: OCEANS

32 Lip-thrusting look: POUT

33 N.Y.C. part: YORK

34 Make even smoother: RESAND

37 N.W.A rapper __-E: EAZY

38 Posed: SAT

41 "Please don't expect any more from me": IMTRYINGMY

43 Comedian Daniel: TOSH

44 Start of an old late-night intro: HERES

45 Daybreak deity: EOS

46 "It's __ than I thought": WORSE

47 Nothing like wetlands: ARID

48 Screech __: OWL

49 Garden of Eden protector: CHERUB

50 Carpet feature: NAP

51 See 40-Down: ISYETTOCOME

53 Phillies' div.: NLE

54 Effective deal maker: CLOSER

55 Amazes: AWES

56 Eight minutes of the average sitcom: ADS

57 Puts up: HOUSES

58 "Hey, you!": PSST


1 Expand, as a residence: ADDONTO

2 Conductor Bernstein: LEONARD

3 Lovey-dovey: AMOROUS

4 Generic: NONAME

5 Filing aid: RASP

6 Down with something: ILL

7 Mrs. Lovett's business in Broadway's "Sweeney Todd": PIESHOP

8 Imposed: LEVIED

9 NBA center __ Kanter: ENES

10 Fashion initials: YSL

11 Purple shade: MAGENTA

12 Like a bar free-for-all: DRUNKEN

13 Emailers: SENDERS

18 Old U.K. record label: EMI

22 Luxury watch brand __ Philippe: PATEK

24 Database function: SORT

25 Rail against: DECRY

27 Catalonian architect Antoni __: GAUDI

28 See 12-Down: BOOZY

30 "Hamilton" got 11: TONYS

32 Trimmed: PARED

33 Orange tubers: YAMS

34 "Rude Boy" singer: RIHANNA

35 May birthstone: EMERALD

36 1981 Bill Murray military comedy: STRIPES

37 Small-headed? EGOLESS

38 Sad subjects: SORROWS

39 Takes over the duties of: ASSUMES

40 With 51-Across, Sinatra classic, and a hint to completing three puzzle answers: THEBEST

42 What diets and beauticians may promise, with "a": NEWYOU

43 It covers the end of the foot: TOECAP

46 "__ cares!": WHO

48 Nobel Peace Prize city: OSLO

49 Hubs: Abbr.: CTRS

51 German I: ICH

52 Fore site? TEE

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