LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Station lineup: CABS

5 Lacks calmness, in modern slang: HASNOCHILL

15 Wrench or twist: HURT

16 SiriusXM channel devoted to "the King": ELVISRADIO

17 Feature of some cheeses: ODOR

18 Jigsaw-making process: DIECUTTING

19 Site with many alterations: WIKI

20 Kelly of "Anchors Aweigh": GENE

21 Fast-food order: TOGO

22 Eurasian ecoregion: STEPPE

24 Improvement plan: REGIMEN

27 Source of relief: OASIS

30 Take off: DEPART

31 Place with a bucket list? KFC

32 Steamed by: MADAT

34 Familia nickname: TIO

35 TV program generally targeted for women: LIFETIMEMOVIE

38 See 39-Across: EOS

39 With 38-Across, SLR since 1987: CANON

40 London's Old __: VIC

41 Loosen, in a way: UNSNAP

43 Portfolio item: ASSET

45 Brings back to the team, say: REHIRES

47 Best Picture title locale the year after the West Side: ARABIA

51 Uncommitted: OPEN

52 What a reservation can prevent: WAIT

55 Philosopher influenced by Hegel: MARX

56 Yellowish-tinted spirit: PALEBRANDY

59 Stress indicator: Abbr.: ITAL

60 Munch, e.g.: OILPAINTER

61 Period in ads: NITE

62 Timely quality: PROMPTNESS

63 Barely gets (by): EKES


1 Dark-tongued dogs: CHOWS

2 Regular review: AUDIT

3 Destitute: BROKE

4 Remove, as varnish: STRIPOFF

5 Natural windbreaks: HEDGES

6 "Fascism is __ told by bullies": Hemingway: ALIE

7 Old Norse name meaning "young man": SVEN

8 Not so rough: NICER

9 Pac-12's Beavers: OSU

10 Early TV component: CRT

11 Genteel gesture: HATTIP

12 Like much spoken language: IDIOMATIC

13 Chantelle offering: LINGERIE

14 Access, in a way: LOGONTO

23 Indy front-runner? PACECAR

25 Semi-hard cheese: EDAM

26 Move beyond: GETOVER

28 "Game on!": IMIN

29 The Apolima Strait separates its two main islands: SAMOA

31 Greet affectionately: KISSHELLO

33 Escape rooms: DENS

35 In an atom's outer shell, two electrons not bonded to another atom: LONEPAIR

36 Red annoyance? TAPE

37 Wheat germ nutrient: VITAMINE

38 ABBA's genre: EUROPOP

42 Evening hr.: NINEPM

44 Mythical wine lovers: SATYRS

46 Proust character married to Odette: SWANN

48 Cloth-dyeing method: BATIK

49 Steamed: IRATE

50 Beetle bars: AXLES

53 Play fare: ANTE

54 Shakespearean warning word: IDES

57 Christian denom.: BAP

58 Slowing, in mus.: RIT

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