LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Play for time: STALL

6 Soup aisle array: CANS

10 Murder mystery staple: BODY

14 Apex predators of the sea: ORCAS

15 "I __ my wit's end!": AMAT

16 Sacred Nile bird: IBIS

17 Many a Mumbai resident: HINDU

18 Triangle ratio: SINE

19 Hand over: GIVE

20 Do as told: OBEY

21 Comfy clothing: CASUALWEAR

23 Dog walker's need: LEASH

25 "Little ol' me?": MOI

26 Supernatural: OCCULT

29 Appetizer platter items: VEGGIES

33 Fowl fencing material: CHICKENWIRE

36 Morse "T": DAH

37 Gas container: TANK

38 Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE

39 Nativity scene threesome: MAGI

40 Red Cross offering: AID

41 Forecast that calls for a scarf and gloves: COLDWEATHER

45 Plasterboard: DRYWALL

47 Separate by type: ASSORT

48 LAX : Los Angeles :: __ : Chicago: ORD

49 Like extreme 41-Across: HARSH

51 Circle with primary and secondary hues: COLORWHEEL

55 Variety show lineup: ACTS

59 Apple gadget with playlists: IPOD

60 Sinuous swimmers: EELS

61 Letter-shaped opening: TSLOT

62 Column before ones: TENS

63 Pudding starch: SAGO

64 Prefix for Rome's country: ITALO

65 Jittery: EDGY

66 Spiderweb, e.g.: TRAP

67 Grand Ole Opry genre, briefly, that's also a hint to 21-, 33-, 41- and 51-Across: CANDW


1 Artsy Manhattan area: SOHO

2 Chicago daily, for short: TRIB

3 Proactiv+ target: ACNE

4 Female symbol of good fortune: LADYLUCK

5 The SEC's Tigers: LSU

6 Acapulco abodes: CASAS

7 Pennsylvania sect: AMISH

8 Half a Mork-to-Orson farewell: NANU

9 Soft-shell clam: STEAMER

10 Kingpin: BIGWIG

11 NYC drama award: OBIE

12 Female opera star: DIVA

13 Belgian river: YSER

21 Blanchett of "Ocean's 8": CATE

22 Theater tier: LOGE

24 Deer in a lodge logo: ELK

26 Set of eight: OCTAD

27 Committee head: CHAIR

28 Williams of "Laverne & Shirley": CINDY

29 Beach house selling point: VIEW

30 Boise's state: IDAHO

31 All fired up: EAGER

32 T-__: 21-Across item: SHIRT

34 Void partner: NULL

35 Fistful of dollars: WAD

39 Calif. Cascades peak: MTSHASTA

41 Author Caleb: CARR

42 OK Corral setting: OLDWEST

43 British noble: EARL

44 Donkey: ASS

46 Like a forest: WOODSY

49 Hgar's comics wife: HELGA

50 Writer of tales with talking animals: AESOP

51 Name in a footnote: CITE

52 Page with opinions: OPED

53 Time-consuming: LONG

54 Catch wind of: HEAR

56 Tartan-sporting family: CLAN

57 Broke the news to: TOLD

58 Store securely: STOW

61 Personal quirk: TIC

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