LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 July 2022

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Los Angeles Times 4 July 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 July 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Remind repeatedly: NAG

4 Girl __ Cookies: SCOUT

9 Journalist Swisher: KARA

13 "My man!": BRO

14 Alpha __ Alpha sorority: KAPPA

15 Lubricated: OILED

16 Half-__: rhyming coffee order: CAF

17 Closing line after presenting an argument: IRESTMYCASE

19 Elsie the Cow's dairy brand: BORDEN

21 "Questions welcome": ASKME

22 Ireland, to the Irish: EIRE

23 "The Dancing Class" painter Edgar: DEGAS

26 Cedar Rapids state: IOWA

28 Nebula Award genre: SCIFI

30 One way to get caught: REDHANDED

32 Silky fabrics: SATINS

34 Island home of the Hana Highway: MAUI

35 Magazine VIPs: EDS

36 Pinches pennies: SCRIMPS

38 "Now I get it!": AHA

41 Holier-__-thou: THAN

42 Scheduled: SLATED

47 North American evergreen: BALSAMFIR

50 Say "I do" without the ado: ELOPE

51 Quaint "once": ERST

52 Lets up: EASES

54 __ and proper: PRIM

55 Fatherly nickname: POPPA

57 Hide-and-seek hideout: CLOSET

59 Fourth of July noisemaker ... and the function of the black squares in lines 3, 6, and 10: FIRECRACKER

62 "That hurt!": OOF

64 Future DAs' exams: LSATS

65 Member-owned grocery stores: COOPS

66 Actress Thurman: UMA

67 Eclectic online digest: UTNE

68 Arizona's __ National Forest: TONTO

69 __-Mex cuisine: TEX


1 "This Is Us" TV network: NBC

2 Coffee bean variety: ARABICA

3 "Pursue your dream!": GOFORIT

4 Slide on an icy road: SKID

5 Was concerned: CARED

6 First game of the season: OPENER

7 Emotional highs: UPS

8 Body ink, for short: TAT

9 Begin to take effect, as medicine: KICKIN

10 Dessert menu phrase: ALAMODE

11 Mended for a second time: RESEWED

12 Citrus drink suffix: ADE

15 Yiddish laments: OYS

18 Songs made by mixing two songs: MASHUPS

20 Mortgage adjustment, for short: REFI

22 Twisty letter: ESS

24 Some spring babies: GEMINIS

25 Driver at the Oscars: ADAM

27 Commercials: ADS

29 Lead-in to "gram" in social media: INSTA

31 Ideological gap in Congress: AISLE

33 Bagel spread: SCHMEAR

37 Nadal of tennis, familiarly: RAFA

38 Actor Vigoda: ABE

39 Plucky member of an orchestra? HARPIST

40 Losing candidate: ALSORAN

43 European peaks: ALPS

44 Left in a big hurry: TOREOUT

45 Perfect example: EPITOME

46 Rep.'s opponent: DEM

48 Tampa Bay city, familiarly: STPETE

49 __ with: take into consideration: RECKON

53 Was out: SLEPT

56 Some HP products: PCS

58 "In that neighborhood" phrase: ORSO

59 Wintertime bug: FLU

60 Do something: ACT

61 Dove sound: COO

63 Number on older business cards: FAX

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