LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 4 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __-as-you-are party: COME

5 Wedge or pump: SHOE

9 Apple's Touch and Nano: IPODS

14 Help with a robbery, say: ABET

15 Phone in a purse: CELL

16 "I kid you not": NOLIE

17 Wind current that affects weather patterns: JETSTREAM

19 Barton of the Red Cross: CLARA

20 Purpose: USE

21 First rainbow color: RED

22 First Peace Corps director Sargent __: SHRIVER

24 Lipton rival: NESTEA

26 Apple mobile platform: IOS

27 Pet rodent's exercise gadget: HAMSTERWHEEL

34 Concerning: ABOUT

37 Held the deed to: OWNED

38 Mai __: cocktail: TAI

39 Guns, as an engine: REVS

40 Nest of chicks: BROOD

41 Turkey meat preference: DARK

42 Top worn with jeans: TEE

43 Birth-related: NATAL

44 Numbered supermarket section: AISLE

45 Good survival skills: STREETSMARTS

48 Brit's bathroom: LOO

49 Filmdom awards: OSCARS

53 Longtime TV fitness guru Jack: LALANNE

57 Job ad letters: EOE

58 "The Matrix" hero: NEO

59 Sumatran ape: ORANG

60 Sunbeam brand ... and a literal hint to the circled letters: MIXMASTER

63 Miata automaker: MAZDA

64 Jai __: ALAI

65 Latin being: ESSE

66 Sanctify: BLESS

67 Clue or Risk: GAME

68 Peepers: EYES


1 Bayou cuisine: CAJUN

2 More than plump: OBESE

3 Doles (out): METES

4 UFO pilots, presumably: ETS

5 Riot, in the funny way: SCREAM

6 Take to heart: HEED

7 Rio greeting: OLA

8 Shade trees: ELMS

9 Narrow, exclusive group: INCROWD

10 Refined manner: POLISH

11 Norwegian royal name: OLAV

12 Desperate, as straits: DIRE

13 Char on a grill: SEAR

18 Halloween trick alternative: TREAT

23 Put on the payroll: HIRED

25 In this way: THUS

28 Alphabetizes, say: SORTS

29 Time for semiannual clock changes: Abbr.: TWOAM

30 __ Gay: WWII bomber: ENOLA

31 Vowels after zetas: ETAS

32 British nobleman: EARL

33 Facebook thumbs-up: LIKE

34 Part of MFA: ARTS

35 Borscht basic: BEET

36 Partner of "done with": OVER

40 Relay stick: BATON

41 Brake rotor: DISC

43 Nightlife sign's light source: NEONGAS

44 On the briny: ATSEA

46 African antelopes: ELANDS

47 Dorm pal: ROOMIE

50 Unable to sit still: ANTSY

51 Baseball Hall of Famer Pee Wee: REESE

52 Tender spots: SORES

53 Bausch's partner: LOMB

54 Asia's vastly diminished __ Sea: ARAL

55 Lie idly (around): LAZE

56 Periodical with a URL: EMAG

57 Reason to study: EXAM

61 Dockworkers' org.: ILA

62 Match, as a bet: SEE

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