LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Order to go: BEATIT

7 Settle early: PREPAY

13 Nuts: BANANAS

15 Heat sources: BOILERS

16 Fireplace sound: CRACKLE

17 Like some mice: OPTICAL

18 Speculation before awards season: OSCARBUZZ

20 Part of AMPAS: ARTS

23 Take by force: USURP

24 1975 Wimbledon winner: ASHE

28 With 28-Across, sad trombone sound effect: WAH

29 Labyrinth-building king: MINOS

30 Friendly exchanges: HIS

31 Crushed, as a final: ACED

33 __ Plaines: Chicago suburb: DES

34 Fistfuls of dollars: WADS

35 "That makes sense now": YESISEE

38 Equal rival: SPLENDA

41 Surrendered: CEDED

42 American Eagle intimate apparel brand: AERIE

43 Lima family legumes that yield vanilla: MADAGASCARBEANS

48 Bruins legend: ORR

49 Taunting phrase from internet trolls: UMADBRO

50 Horned Frogs' sch.: TCU

51 Past pudgy: OBESE

53 Back again: FRO

54 Pacifist's demand: NOWAR

56 Candidate's goal: SEAT

57 Crystal-filled formation: GEODE

59 Stable parent: MARE

60 Type of computer monitor cable: HDMI

61 High points: ACMES

62 They're put to paper: NIBS

63 Mir launcher: Abbr.: USSR

64 Group of associates: POSSE

65 Part of MIT: Abbr.: INST


1 "Doctor Who" network: BBC

2 AirPod spot: EAR

3 Gasteyer of "Wine Country": ANA

4 Stuffed shells: TACOS

5 Tattoo artist's array: INKS

6 Friction-reducing substance: TALCUM

7 Infield fly rule flies: POPUPS

8 Big name in crackers: RITZ

9 "Hamilton" role for Tony nominee Phillipa Soo: ELIZA

10 Delt neighbor: PEC

11 Hall of Famer Parseghian: ARA

12 DKNY competitor: YSL

14 Boardwalk location: SEASIDE

15 Painter known for "happy little trees": BOBROSS

19 Mysterious letter: RUNE

20 Not home: AWAY

21 Kids' furniture that may have checkered-flag sheets: RACECARBEDS

22 Heart hit song with the lyric "Every second of the night I live another life": THESEDREAMS

25 "Come On Over" singer: SHANIATWAIN

26 Bane of a ketogenic diet, and what three long puzzle answers contain: HIDDENCARBS

27 She, in Italy: ESSA

32 __ double take: DIDA

34 "We __ Soldiers": 2002 Mel Gibson film: WERE

36 "That reminds me ...," e.g.: SEGUE

37 Mild cheese: EDAM

39 "The Incredibles" family name: PARR

40 Simon of Duran Duran: LEBON

43 Chinese pork dish: MOOSHU

44 Seattle's former __ Field: SAFECO

45 Data media: CDROMS

46 Quarters: ABODES

47 Like the best bet: SUREST

52 Swizzle: STIR

55 Old Dodge: OMNI

57 Break: GAP

58 Minneapolis-to-Milwaukee dir.: ESE

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