LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Boxing legend Pacquiao: MANNY

6 RxList selection: DRUG

10 Dad __: BOD

13 Roman playwright who advised Nero: SENECA

14 Traveler's need, perhaps: VISA

15 Dr. Cornelius, in a sci-fi film series: APE

16 Big house, hot water: CATSANDDOGS

18 "I like that!": YUM

19 Recording session rarity: ONETAKE

20 "__ 13": APOLLO

22 Swimming aids: FINS

23 TV forensics letters: CSI

26 Wintry mix: SLEET

27 Mushy ground: FEN

28 Los Angeles birthplace of astronaut Sally Ride: ENCINO

31 Scandinavian demonym: DANE

32 Abstract concept, space needle: ARTSANDCRAFTS

35 Even one: ANY

36 Game for an "it" girl? TAG

37 Wee one, parlor game: BITSANDPIECES

44 "This looks like trouble": UHOH

45 Shire equivalent: COUNTY

46 Letters before an alias: AKA

49 Acidic, in Germany: SAUER

51 "Snowpiercer" channel: TNT

52 Just: EVEN

53 Many a news team: TVCREW

55 Clothing: RAIMENT

58 Grassy stretch: LEA

59 Pepper jack, gold dust: POTSANDPANS

62 Augsburg article: EIN

63 Lake fed by the Detroit River: ERIE

64 London-based tea giant: TETLEY

65 City grid nos.: STS

66 Mardi Gras follower: LENT

67 "Siegfried __": Wagner symphonic poem: IDYLL


1 Nasty sort: MEANIE

2 Radio interface: ANTENNA

3 Cardinals' homes: NESTS

4 Sports org. that evolved from one created under Teddy Roosevelt: NCAA

5 Pull hard: YANK

6 Data storage device: DVD

7 Kia subcompact: RIO

8 Golf rules org.: USGA

9 Expresses shock: GASPS

10 Herb from the laurel tree: BAYLEAF

11 Lavish: OPULENT

12 Downgrades: DEMOTES

13 Sneeze (at): SCOFF

17 U.S. record label since 1934: DECCA

21 Gerontology focus: OLDAGE

24 Original __: SIN

25 Unaffiliated: Abbr.: IND

28 Mediterranean tourist site: ETNA

29 "It's Gonna Be Me" band: NSYNC

30 Mendelssohn's Opus 20, e.g.: OCTET

33 Bacon portion: RASHER

34 Suggestive: RACY

37 Is astir with activity: BUSTLES

38 "Aha!": IHAVEIT

39 Large-billed birds: TOUCANS

40 URL component: DOT

41 Carlin's "Atheism is a non-prophet institution," e.g.: PUN

42 Prefix with dermal: INTRA

43 Backup command: SAVEALL

47 Vacation rental? KENNEL

48 Pumped: ANTSY

50 Ward off: REPEL

52 Recycled item: EMPTY

54 Sported: WORE

56 Pro fighter: ANTI

57 Pointed at, say: IDED

60 Mint container: TIN

61 Math group: SET

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