LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Foreboding: OMINOUS

8 Optimistic: ROSY

12 Pump product: GAS

15 "Give me an example": NAMEONE

16 "The real story is ... ": ACTUALLY

18 Collision simulation aids: CRASHTESTDUMMIES

20 Scapula neighbor, for short: DELT

21 Big name in nail polish: OPI

22 "Yeah, sure": IBET

23 Partnership letters: LLC

25 Cleaning conveniences: SPONGES

30 "Scary Movie" reaction: SCREAM

33 Extraordinary little one, in folklore: STARCHILD

37 Poke tuna: AHI

38 Chocolate dog: LAB

40 Nabisco cookie: OREO

41 Neither's partner: NOR

42 Part of a relay: LEG

43 Junk collector: TRASHCAN

45 Overly: TOO

46 "So-so": MEH

47 Mark for good: ETCH

48 Spanish bear: OSO

49 Hong Kong lang.: ENG

50 Place with drawing rooms: ARTSCHOOL

53 Womb occupant: EMBRYO

55 Apparition: PHANTOM

57 Kobe cash: YEN

58 About: ASTO

61 Duracell size: AAA

63 Salty waters: SEAS

66 Begin all over again ... and what 18-, 33-, 43- and 50-Across all do (almost), as indicated by the circled letters: STARTFROMSCRATCH

72 Ready for sleep: TUCKEDIN

73 Lady Gaga's debut album: THEFAME

74 Squid's defense: INK

75 Therefore: ERGO

76 Left formally: SECEDED


1 How music can be stored: ONCD

2 Farm female: MARE

3 "Don't worry about me": IMALLRIGHT

4 Settle snugly: NESTLE

5 Awed reaction: OOH

6 Golden rule preposition: UNTO

7 Trickles (through): SEEPS

8 Tell (on): RAT

9 Med. condition with repetitive behavior: OCD

10 Man's name that sounds like a slow-cooked dish: STU

11 "Delicious!": YUM

12 Smooth-talking: GLIB

13 Out of the wind: ALEE

14 Part of CBS: Abbr.: SYST

17 Barn-raising sect: AMISH

19 Drinks a bit at a time: SIPS

24 Pasadena institute: CALTECH

26 Texter's "Then again ... ": OTOH

27 Bust maker: NARCO

28 "Summer Nights" musical: GREASE

29 Political bragging point, when it's thriving: ECONOMY

30 Actress Hayek: SALMA

31 Joyful shout: CHEER

32 First first lady: MARTHA

34 Online promo: INTERNETAD

35 Senseless: LOONY

36 Khal __, Daenerys' husband in HBO's "Game of Thrones": DROGO

39 Strips for breakfast: BACON

44 Opportunity: SHOT

51 Hybrid picnic utensil: SPORK

52 Fertile soil: LOAM

54 "Take care of yourself": BESAFE

56 Mariner's supports: MASTS

58 Sparkling Italian wine: ASTI

59 Knock for a loop: STUN

60 Wall map marker: TACK

62 Feel sore: ACHE

64 Apex: ACME

65 Spot for a mower: SHED

67 Begin a hole, with "up": TEE

68 Four-term prez: FDR

69 Oil field sight: RIG

70 Musician Yoko: ONO

71 __ center: REC

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