LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Logo of The Hartford: STAG

5 Less noble: BASER

10 Pueblo people: HOPI

14 Thick book: TOME

15 Amazon assistant: ALEXA

16 Spoonbill kin: IBIS

17 Circuitous: ROUNDABOUT

19 Daily vitamin, e.g.: PILL

20 Puzzled: ATSEA

21 Some German imports: AUDIS

23 PreCheck org.: TSA

24 Plump: FLESHY

26 Unfilled, as a schedule slot: LEFTOPEN

28 Many MIT grads: EES

29 Roleo surface: LOG

31 "Expand on that," in improv comedy: YESAND

32 Lummox: BIGAPE

35 Quite a stretch: AGES

36 No-frills card game: STRAIGHTPOKER

40 Emperor after Galba: OTHO

41 State bordering Arizona: SONORA

42 Like a quarter's edge: REEDED

45 Podcast interruptions: ADS

46 "LOTR" menace: ORC

49 Short nightgown: BABYDOLL

52 Turin title: SIGNOR

54 "__ have what she's having": quip from "When Harry Met Sally...": ILL

55 Super sexy: SOHOT

57 "I'll pass": NOTME

58 "On the double!": STAT

60 In person ... and like 17-, 26-, 36- and 49-Across? FACETOFACE

62 "Howdy ... you just get here?": OHHI

63 "Looking 4 Myself" R&B singer: USHER

64 Each: APOP

65 Wall St. index: NYSE

66 Fresh: SASSY

67 __ Martin Cognac: REMY


1 Attack from above: STRAFE

2 Mosey: TOOTLE

3 Tickles: AMUSES

4 Parental units? GENES

5 Ewes do it: BAA

6 "L.A.'s Finest" actress Jessica: ALBA

7 Gangnam District city: SEOUL

8 Ooze with: EXUDE

9 Formally approve: RATIFY

10 Trendy: HIP

11 Where to find departure info? OBITPAGE

12 Beer named for a Czech city: PILSENER

13 Christmas and Easter: ISLANDS

18 Mexico's national flower: DAHLIA

22 Office address abbr.: STE

25 "You can observe a lot by watching" speaker: YOGI

27 2020 US Open winner Naomi: OSAKA

30 Pranks: GAGS

32 "The Pianist" Oscar winner Adrien: BRODY

33 Beef broth soup: PHO

34 Italian volcano: ETNA

36 Like ninjas: STEALTHY

37 Ennui: THEBLAHS

38 Sci-fi vehicles: PODS

39 "Twelfth Night" duke: ORSINO

40 "Only the Lonely" crooner: ORBISON

43 Slate slate, briefly: EDS

44 Inept one: DOOFUS

46 Saved, in a way: ONTAPE

47 Hallmark Channel fare: ROMCOM

48 Goosebumps-inducing: CREEPY

50 Potala Palace city: LHASA

51 Scottish vacation sites: LOCHS

53 Accomplish much: GOFAR

56 Golf course areas: TEES

59 Draw: TIE

61 Sample: TRY

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