LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 4 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 With 41-Across, "Cloud Shepherd" Dadaist: JEAN

5 RR depot: STA

8 Elbow grease: EFFORT

14 Hoosier: INDIANAN

16 Storied restaurant: ALICES

17 *Throw for a loop: FLABBERT

18 *Traditional jack-o'-lantern sources in the British Isles: RUTABA

19 Worthlessness metaphor: FIG

20 "__ Weapon": LETHAL

22 1921 robot play: RUR

23 Surfers' find: SITE

25 Warring son of Zeus and Hera: ARES

26 __ Scarlett: MISS

27 Only Canadian MLB city: TOR

28 Half-Betazoid sci-fi counselor: TROI

29 Draw to a close: WANE

30 Four quarters: ONE

32 Spanish inns: POSADAS

34 Incapacitating agent of pulp detective and sci-fi novels ... and a hint to solving this puzzle's starred clues: KNOCKOUTGAS

36 Illegal "Risky Business" business: BROTHEL

37 NRC forerunner: AEC

38 Avatar of Vishnu: RAMA

39 Blanket __: FORT

41 See 1-Across: ARP

44 Copacetic: JAKE

45 Nickname of NBA great Oscar Robertson: BIGO

46 Branch headquarters? TREE

47 Actress Gardner: AVA

48 Songlike: ARIOSE

50 Homer's bartender: MOE

52 *Adele and Cher, e.g.: METARS

55 *Buffet variety: SMORBORD

57 Flora and fauna of different regions: BIOTAS

58 Liqueur made with coffee beans: TIAMARIA

59 Actress Dash: STACEY

60 Sun. delivery: SER

61 Hat-tipper's address: MAAM


1 Wink: JIFF

2 Beat the draft? ENLIST

3 "Moonlight Sonata" opening movement, e.g.: ADAGIO

4 Penpoint: NIB

5 Dagger of yore: SNEE

6 Fish-and-chips sauce: TARTAR

7 Studiers of human ancestry: ANTHROPOLOGISTS

8 Viscounts' superiors: EARLS

9 Winter bug: FLU

10 Be the right size: FIT

11 Panpipe relatives: OCARINAS

12 Picture puzzles: REBUSES

13 Winter Palace figures: TSARS

15 Cutting the mustard: ABLE

21 Vital quintet in English literature: AEIOU

24 *Gourmet: TRONOME

26 *World's second-largest island country: MADACAR

28 Georgia __: TECH

29 Carry on: WAGE

31 "__ bad idea": NOTA

33 Runs or walks, e.g.: STAT

34 Volcano in the Sunda Strait: KRAKATOA

35 Russian milk drink: KEFIR

36 Go out into the storm, say: BRAVEIT

40 Dorm pal: ROOMIE

42 Ride-hitching fish: REMORA

43 Everycity, USA: PEORIA

44 Door parts: JAMBS

45 Very low: BASSY

46 __ paper: TERM

49 Skyrocket: SOAR

51 Red-wrapped cheese: EDAM

53 LAX tower service: ATC

54 Issa of "Awkward Black Girl": RAE

56 Emeril catchword: BAM

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