LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 4 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Overlook: IGNORE

7 Monte Mario's city: ROMA

11 Gravy, on menus: JUS

14 At anchor: MOORED

15 Somber notice: OBIT

16 German direction: OST

17 "Proceed as planned": ITSAGO

18 *"Thinking ... ": LETMESEE

20 *Shakespeare play set on an enchanted island: THETEMPEST

22 Period in ads: NITE

23 Lair: DEN

24 Bladed tool: AXE

25 Ancient Greek theater: ODEON

26 "Thought I should share," briefly: FYI

28 Pit gunk: TAR

30 __-wolf: SHE

31 Candy heart word: LUV

32 *Busker's performance, perhaps: STREETMAGIC

38 Specialty: AREA

40 Vital circulation component: AORTA

41 Provocative: RACY

42 *They may be crowned: WISDOMTEETH

45 __ Alamos: LOS

46 "Forgot About __": Grammy-winning duet featuring Eminem: DRE

47 Actor Stephen: REA

48 Army crawler: ANT

49 Stale: PASSE

52 One in a cheering crowd: FAN

54 Moving wheels: VAN

56 Classic "You as well?": ETTU

57 *Proven long term: TIMETESTED

61 Collectors' event, and a hint to what's hidden in the answers to starred clues: SWAPMEET

63 Hot: ONFIRE

64 Wheels: CAR

65 First name at Woodstock: ARLO

66 Canadian coin: TOONIE

67 Tick off: IRE

68 First queen of Carthage: DIDO

69 Performer with 20 Oscar nominations: STREEP


1 Tag line? IMIT

2 Many a black-clad teen: GOTH

3 Serious downturns: NOSEDIVES

4 Talk with style: ORATE

5 University officials: REGENTS

6 Ancient Dead Sea kingdom: EDOM

7 Swiss luxury brand: ROLEX

8 Quite heavy: OBESE

9 Baker's protection: MITT

10 Bread machine? ATM

11 Leader of the animated Pussycats: JOSIE

12 Was of __: helped: USETO

13 Dutch Golden Age artist: STEEN

19 Make lovable: ENDEAR

21 Echo: PARROT

25 Electrical unit: OHM

26 Glitch: FLAW

27 Cosmonaut Gagarin: YURI

29 "... love hath made thee __ snake": "As You Like It": ATAME

30 Put into words: STATE

33 Poetic adverb: ERE

34 Endless, poetically: ETERNE

35 Aspic-coated French chicken dish: GALANTINE

36 Tappable image: ICON

37 Dermatologist's concern: CYST

39 Accumulates: ADDSUP

43 Mine output: ORE

44 One without: HAVENOT

49 "Casino" co-star: PESCI

50 In conflict, seriously: ATWAR

51 Gawk: STARE

52 Specialty: FIELD

53 Defensive retort: AMTOO

55 Concerning: ASFOR

57 Actress Hatcher: TERI

58 Wee ones: TOTS

59 Lackawanna's lake: ERIE

60 Word with freeze or fry: DEEP

62 Ticked off: MAD

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