LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 4 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One of the X-Men: WOLVERINE

10 Prior's superior: ABBOT

15 Essential supply for an ophiologist: ANTIVENIN

16 Home of Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights": PRADO

17 Vehicle in the 2012 film "Arbitrage": HEDGEFUND

18 New Mexico school athletes: LOBOS

19 Italy's equivalent of the BBC: RAI

20 Some necklaces: CHOKERS

22 Its solution refutes its existence: PERFECTCRIME

27 Not on edge: ATEASE

28 Collections of plant specimens: HERBARIA

32 Flow __: CHART

33 Fill a hold: LADE

34 Ireland's __ FŽin: SINN

35 Follower of the old school? MARM

36 Favor, slangily: SOLID

37 Jokers: WAGS

38 "Everybody Loves __": Johnny Cash novelty song: ANUT

39 Pound, e.g.: POET

40 Brawl: MELEE

41 One with a family practice? NEPOTIST

43 Gap-related: HIATAL

44 Becomes an overnight sensation in: TAKESBYSTORM

46 Department store staple: APPAREL

49 Names: IDS

50 "Grand Hotel" star (1932): GARBO

51 Like 24/7 news channels: ITERATIVE

57 Listing: ATILT

58 Erin Brockovich, for one: PARALEGAL

59 Classic battlers: SEXES

60 Reacts to a blow: SEESSTARS


1 Nursery noise: WAH

2 White Monopoly bill: ONE

3 Inc., in Ipswich: LTD

4 Bookie's cut: VIG

5 High point of Hillary's career: EVEREST

6 Put a new front on, as: REFACE

7 Nunavut native: INUIT

8 "Under a Glass Bell" author: NIN

9 Where a gaffer or grip is recognized: ENDCREDIT

10 Equanimity: APLOMB

11 Started to perspire: BROKEASWEAT

12 Diamond immortal, with "The": BABE

13 Fridge-cleaning motivation: ODOR

14 Not sleep well: TOSS

21 Took on: HIRED

22 Iconic dot-eater: PACMAN

23 Flammable gas: ETHANE

24 Rise on hind legs: REARUP

25 "Knowing where your food comes from" movement: FARMTOTABLE

26 Aspen abodes: CHALETS

29 Grand Canal span: RIALTO

30 Ready to roll: INGEAR

31 Canonized Archbishop of Canterbury: ANSELM

33 Part of a blabbing metaphor: LOOSELIPS

36 Abrupt increase: SPIKE

40 Prayer books: MISSALS

42 Occult decks: TAROTS

43 Hard-to-overcome evils: HYDRAS

45 Brew in Brest: BIERE

46 Ottoman officers: AGAS

47 Crown: PATE

48 Grand __: PRIX

52 Inventor's monogram: TAE

53 Hanoi holiday: TET

54 Franchise-based supermarket chain: IGA

55 Less-common spelling: Abbr.: VAR

56 Local boundaries? ELS

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