LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 4 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 4 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hit the jackpot: GETRICH

8 One with faulty "I" sight? EGOTIST

15 Deficiency of red blood cells, across the pond: ANAEMIA

16 Pasta specification: ALDENTE

17 Symbol on the "5" key: PERCENT

18 Handyman's carryall: TOOLBOX

19 Aid for shade at the shore: BEACHUMBRELLA

21 Abdomen neighbor: GROIN

23 Parisian article: LES

24 Pool sticks: CUES

25 Chain with links: IHOP

26 Nine-digit ID: SSN

28 Rivals: FOES

29 Award first won by Naughty by Nature: BESTRAPALBUM

33 Scrooge's cry: BAH

34 Norwegian pop band that sounds like a revelation: AHA

35 "http" often begins one: URL

36 Judoka's belt: OBI

39 "Breaking news!" teaser: FILMATELEVEN

42 Washer cycle: SPIN

44 Rx item: MED

45 Pool hall triangle: RACK

46 Jefferson's vice president: BURR

47 News agcy.: UPI

49 Obstinate: BALKY

50 Facebook invite ... to which the circled letters respond: FRIENDREQUEST

54 Area sheltered from the wind: LEESIDE

55 Former weekly with home viewing listings: TVGUIDE

58 Most of Google's revenue: ADSALES

59 Had a hankering: YEARNED

60 Wobbles: TOTTERS

61 Glossy cottons: SATEENS


1 Generation divide: GAP

2 LA-to-Denver dir.: ENE

3 Hat similar to a fez: TARBOOSH

4 Proof of purchase: RECEIPT

5 "Let me explain ... ": IMEAN

6 Prez's title: CINC

7 Biblical word of possession: HATH

8 Cake's instruction to Alice: EATME

9 Chunks: GLOBS

10 Prominent garlic feature: ODOR

11 Verizon's biz: TELECOM

12 Dressed like many Union soldiers: INBLUE

13 Mink wraps: STOLES

14 Laredo's state: TEXAS

20 Forearm bone: ULNA

21 Barry, Robin or Maurice of pop music: GIBB

22 Seehorn of "Better Call Saul": RHEA

26 Humorist Mort: SAHL

27 Email filter target: SPAM

28 __ moon: FULL

30 Word before check or forest: RAIN

31 Minstrel's strings: LUTE

32 Raised, as cattle: BRED

36 Malt drink since 1904: OVALTINE

37 At one's __ and call: BECK

38 Pac-Man ghost: INKY

39 Tries to hit, as a rifle range target: FIRESAT

40 Friendly femme: AMIE

41 Evidence of an error: ERASURE

42 "You bet!": SUREDO

43 Mass leader: PRIEST

46 Note above A: BFLAT

47 Farm milk "dispenser": UDDER

48 Newspaper media: PRESS

49 Sired, biblically: BEGAT

51 Giza's river: NILE

52 Col. headings on many spreadsheets: QTYS

53 Iris layer: UVEA

56 Lair: DEN

57 Newsroom staff members, for short: EDS

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