LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 4 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Start of something: ESS

4 Know-it-all: BRAIN

9 Sticky roll: TAPE

13 Title car in a Ronny & the Daytonas hit: GTO

14 Michelangelo's "The Last Judgment," e.g.: FRESCO

15 Australian export: OPAL

16 Like Gen. Powell: RET

17 Vito Corleone talking bobblehead? RASPINGDOLL

19 N.T. book before Phil.: EPH

20 Denver-to-Wichita dir.: ESE

21 Oppressive atmosphere: MIASMA

22 Goal of a holistic chiropractor? SPINEHARMONY

26 Renewal notice feature, briefly: SASE

27 Like a well-written mystery: TAUT

28 Hammer user's cry: SOLD

32 Payment in Isfahan: RIALS

35 Chem. and bio.: SCIS

37 Drift (off): NOD

38 As a group, emulate Popeye? BESPINACHLOVERS

41 Singer DiFranco: ANI

42 Pop: SODA

43 TV oil name: EWING

44 "The Good Wife" figs.: ATTS

46 Fabric rib: WALE

48 Its home version debuted at Sears in 1975: PONG

50 Maiden aunt mascot? TEAMSPINSTER

54 Israeli prime minister after Barak: SHARON

57 "__ Gotta Be Me": IVE

58 Way to go: Abbr.: RTE

59 Enjoying the new car ... or what four puzzle answers are literally doing: TAKINGASPIN

62 Great Basin native: UTE

63 Saharan: ARID

64 Hydrocarbon gas: ETHENE

65 Rx item: MED

66 Inheritance factor: GENE

67 Tends: LEANS

68 Humanities maj.: PSY


1 Way out: EGRESS

2 Mike or Carol on "The Brady Bunch": STEPPARENT

3 "I guess the moment has finally arrived": SOTHISISIT

4 Impetuous: BRASH

5 Find a new table for: RESEAT

6 Nile slitherer: ASP

7 It's here in Paris: ICI

8 Anchored for life, as barnacles: NONMOTILE

9 Word in morning weather forecasts: TODAYS

10 Mil. mail drops: APOS

11 It faces forward in a stop sign: PALM

12 Big name in jazz: ELLA

14 Like IHOP syrup: FREE

18 Alabama Slammer liquor: GIN

23 Type of tide: NEAP

24 Troublemakers: RASCALS

25 Often: MUCH

29 Bridge bid: ONENOTRUMP

30 Glasses with handles: LORGNETTES

31 One working on a bridge: Abbr.: DDS

33 Fleur-de-__: LIS

34 What a kid is prone to make in winter? SNOWANGEL

36 Farm mom: SOW

38 Pastoral call: BAA

39 Early exile: ADAM

40 Ones with clout: VIPS

45 Variable distance measure: STRIDE

47 Hand-held allergy treatment: EPIPEN

49 Insatiable: GREEDY

51 Very long time: EON

52 Political columnist Molly: IVINS

53 Island bird named for its call: NENE

54 Doe beau: STAG

55 Long-eared critter: HARE

56 Similar: AKIN

60 Snacked: ATE

61 __ Na Na: SHA

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