LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 4 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 4 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 4 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "College Football Live" channel: ESPNU

6 Apple-order link: PIE

9 Turner's device: LATHE

14 Start-the-day ABC talk show, familiarly: GMA

17 Govt. red tape reduction: DEREG

18 Parched: ARID

20 Burger add-on: ONION

21 Smooth, in a way: IRON

22 First-aid kit brand: ACEBANDAGE

24 Reprimanded: CALLEDDOWN

26 More achy: SORER

27 Harassed impertinently: HECKLED

29 "Bolero" composer: RAVEL

30 Palais resident: ROI

32 Piece of land: TRACT

34 Antipoverty agcy.: OEO

35 "__ was I?": WHERE

36 Liz Taylor's husband before Richard Burton: EDDIEFISHER

39 One whose mouth shouldn't be examined? GIFTHORSE

43 "__ there, done that!": BEEN

44 Blowhard: GASBAG

46 NYC area above Houston Street: NOHO

47 Nickname usually related to hair color: RED

50 Drew __, Patriots' quarterback before Brady: BLEDSOE

52 Upscale retailer: SAKS

56 Disloyal crimes: INSIDEJOBS

62 One of three planetary motion principles: KEPLERSLAW

64 Menlo Park initials: TAE

65 Opera outburst: BRAVO

66 Green-lights: OKS

67 __ Sketch: ETCHA

68 Ward (off): STAVE

70 Raised a ruckus, say: MADENOISE

74 Song of worship: PSALM

75 Indulge: HUMOR

76 U.N. workers' agcy.: ILO

77 Slow, on scores: LENTO

79 Humdinger: PIP

80 Source of zest: ORANGEPEEL

84 What a texter usually expects: QUICKREPLY

86 N.C. neighbor: TENN

87 "Sacré bleu!" kin: MONDIEU

89 Extra NHL periods: OTS

90 To the __: maximally: HILT

91 Himalayan native: SHERPA

95 Small cells: AAAS

99 Donut ... or the consequence of eating too many of them? SPARETIRE

104 Car on craigslist: USEDVEHICLE

107 Jazz pianist Chick: COREA

108 Can cover: LID

110 Shop: STORE

111 La. neighbor: TEX

112 One on a trail: HIKER

113 Song title words before "for Miles": ICANSEE

116 Connection points: NODES

118 Ways to detect fractured trapeziums: WRISTXRAYS

120 Restricted parking area, perhaps: YELLOWZONE

124 Top-drawer: AONE

125 Nemo's creator: VERNE

126 Falco of "The Sopranos": EDIE

127 Words of domination: IRULE

128 Waze ways: Abbr.: STS

129 Dot in the ocean: ISLET

130 Pampering place: SPA

131 Components of fences: GATES


1 Author LeShan: EDA

2 Bama's conf.: SEC

3 Act the chair: PRESIDE

4 Mount from which Moses saw the Promised Land: NEBO

5 Lorre's "Casablanca" role: UGARTE

6 Two-time British Open champ Harrington: PADRAIG

7 Keogh plan rel.: IRA

8 Pizzas slices, commonly: EIGHTHS

9 Age of Reason philosopher: LOCKE

10 Not digital: ANALOG

11 Shower wall item: TILE

12 Hang onto: HOLD

13 OKC-to-Tulsa dir.: ENE

14 Muppet prone to eschewing contractions: GROVER

15 Lawn machines: MOWERS

16 Shakers founder: ANNLEE

19 Not a good mark: DEE

21 Sun Valley state: IDAHO

23 Soft toy brand: NERF

25 BBC time traveler: DRWHO

28 Reef material: CORAL

30 Hoops stat.: REB

31 Tribute in verse: ODE

33 Breakaway nation: Abbr.: CSA

37 Crucifix letters: INRI

38 Pulls back: EBBS

40 Brit. police rank: INSP

41 Trick: FOOL

42 "... I __ wed": THEE

45 "Wall Street" antagonist: GEKKO

48 Stefan of tennis: EDBERG

49 __ Spiegel: German magazine: DER

51 Arnaz-Ball studio: DESILU

52 Bygone boomers: SSTS

53 Li'l Abner drawer: ALCAPP

54 Poet Gibran: KAHLIL

55 Like England's "the Fens": SWAMPY

56 "Turn on the AC!": ITSHOT

57 Mother __: NATURE

58 Low naval rank: SEAMAN

59 Fruity spread: JAM

60 Egg cells: OVA

61 Able or full follower: BODIED

63 Think tank output: REPORT

66 Tokyo-born Yoko: ONO

69 World Cup skiing champ Lindsey: VONN

71 Perry of fashion: ELLIS

72 Due times tre: SEI

73 Bus. letter insert: ENC

78 Ref's call: TKO

81 Send forth: EMIT

82 __ sci: POLI

83 __'acte: ENTR

84 Q&A part, briefly: QUES

85 Morales of "Jericho": ESAI

88 Israeli prime ministers Barak and Olmert: EHUDS

90 Ticker: HEART

92 Works on a lawn: RESEEDS

93 Calif. summer hrs.: PDT

94 "Anne of Green Gables" setting: AVONLEA

96 Pantomimes: ACTSOUT

97 Pub pint, perhaps: ALE

98 __ symbol: SEX

99 Pair in "awaken": SCHWAS

100 "Little grey cells" detective: POIROT

101 Acting father and son: ARKINS

102 Piece maker? REESE

103 Funny Boosler: ELAYNE

105 Buck back? EROO

106 Harry Potter's owl: HEDWIG

109 Map within a map: INSET

113 More than annoys: IRES

114 Poet Sandburg: CARL

115 Hurricane feature: EYE

117 Cornell founder Cornell: EZRA

119 Driving age in old Rome? XVI

121 Gloss target: LIP

122 Div. with Braves: NLE

123 Some RPI grads: EES

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