LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Meh: SOSO

5 Rubs out a mistake: ERASES

11 Four times daily, in an Rx: QID

14 Isaac's eldest son: ESAU

15 "Scooby-Doo" friend of Velma, Fred and Shaggy: DAPHNE

16 Former Egypt-Syria confed.: UAR

17 Market report detail: QUOTEDPRICE

19 Texter's "I think": IMO

20 Genetic messengers: RNAS

21 Give, as a citation: ISSUETO

23 Southwestern native that rhymes with 53-Down: YAQUI

26 Breakfast grain: OAT

28 Word on an octagonal sign: STOP

29 Plentiful amount: ABUNDANCE

31 Bank takebacks, briefly: REPOS

32 Home run stat: RBI

33 "That's gross!": UGH

34 12th Jewish month: ELUL

35 Wows: DAZZLES

38 Examine for flaws: INSPECT

41 Scissors unit: PAIR

42 Single: ONE

43 French friend: AMI

44 Harsh-smelling: ACRID

46 Babe __ Zaharias, multi-sport athlete with two Olympic golds (1932) and 10 LPGA major championships: DIDRIKSON

49 Not good at all: POOR

50 Yale student: ELI

51 Davis of "A League of Their Own": GEENA

52 Beauty contest: PAGEANT

55 Cornfield bird: CROW

57 Say "Oopsie," say: ERR

58 2:15 p.m., e.g.: QUARTERPAST

63 __ rule: usually: ASA

64 Part of 16-Across: UNITED

65 "All good here": IMOK

66 Sleep acronym: REM

67 Requiring help: INNEED

68 Canadian gas: ESSO


1 Follow-up film: Abbr.: SEQ

2 Sch. in Columbus: OSU

3 __ Paulo: SAO

4 Beat in a meet: OUTRUN

5 Icelandic literary work: EDDA

6 Drake musical numbers: RAPSONGS

7 Mo. with showers: APR

8 Certain Muslim: SHIITE

9 SASEs, e.g.: ENCS

10 Observes: SEES


12 "Me, also": IAMTOO

13 Hangs limply: DROOPS

18 City west of Tulsa: ENID

22 Exhaust: USEUP

23 Three feet: YARD

24 Swedish pop band: ABBA

25 "The $64,000 Question," e.g.: QUIZPROGRAM

27 German gripe: ACH

30 Heifetz's teacher: AUER

31 Mr. Hyde creator's monogram: RLS

34 Fed. power dept.: ENER

36 The Congo, formerly: ZAIRE

37 Thing on top of things: LID

38 One charged with a crime: INDICTEE

39 "Follow me!": CMON

40 Funny Fey: TINA

42 Frying liquid: OIL

44 Materialize: APPEAR

45 Needing smoothing: COARSE

46 Keep in custody: DETAIN

47 "Young Frankenstein" helper: IGOR

48 Collectible doll, and a phonetic hint to four long puzzle answers: KEWPIE

53 Here, in Spanish: AQUI

54 Ex-Georgia senator Sam: NUNN

56 Comedian Foxx: REDD

59 66, notably: Abbr.: RTE

60 Morning hrs.: AMS

61 "Help!" at sea: SOS

62 Boxing ref's decision: TKO

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