LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Band with an electrical symbol in their logo: ACDC

5 Youngest woman to serve in the U.S. Congress, familiarly: AOC

8 Aromatic herb: SAGE

12 Church divide: AISLE

14 Rapping MD? DRE

15 Mariano Rivera's record 652: SAVES

16 *Person to emulate: ROLEMODEL

18 LGBTQ part, briefly: TRANS

19 Wavelike pattern: MOIRE

20 "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses" singer Kathy: MATTEA

21 Arafat's gp., once: PLO

23 *Thanksgiving condiment: TURKEYGRAVY

26 Nigerian pop star: SADE

28 Brief moments: SECS

29 Notable times: ERAS

30 Summer beverage: ICETEA

33 "__ Tu": 1974 hit: ERES

35 *Effective remedy with little downside: MAGICBULLET

39 Spoken: ORAL

40 Trickeries: FRAUDS

43 Tel __: AVIV

47 Brown and blonde: ALES

49 Cream or Nirvana: TRIO

50 *A high-profile trial might become one: MEDIACIRCUS

54 Red Sox rivals, on scoreboards: NYY

55 Literally, French for "again": ENCORE

56 Perot of politics: HROSS

58 Memphis tourist street: BEALE

59 Engineer, brakeman and conductor ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues comprise? TRAINCREW

63 Gillette razors: ATRAS

64 Carrier to Tokyo: ANA

65 Hotel patron: GUEST

66 Lays down the lawn: SODS

67 Time out? NAP

68 Palm gadgets, briefly: PDAS


1 Swiss river: AAR

2 Corp. tech exec: CIO

3 Internet connector via phone line: DSLMODEM

4 Jazz singer Laine: CLEO

5 Venomous snakes: ADDERS

6 Tram load: ORE

7 Disney frame: CEL

8 "No Exit" dramatist: SARTRE

9 Personal user pic: AVATAR

10 Lake on the French/Swiss border: GENEVA

11 Op-ed pieces: ESSAYS

13 Send out: EMIT

15 Alone, at a party: STAG

17 Christian sch. in Tulsa: ORU

20 Whitman "53-Down" subject: MYSELF

21 23rd of 24: PSI

22 SupŽrieur, par exemple: LAC

24 Company with spokes-elves: KEEBLER

25 Hose color: ECRU

27 LAX posting: ETA

31 Star quality? EGO

32 The Red Baron, for one: AIRACE

34 Canon initials: SLR

36 Colombian metropolis: CALI

37 Have: EAT

38 Gets embarrassed, maybe: TURNSRED

41 Tinkerer's abbr.: DIY

42 Versatile bean: SOY

43 One-celled critters: AMEBAS

44 Rome's Via __: VENETO

45 Bouncer's request: IDCARD

46 Members of string 49-Acrosses: VIOLAS

48 ESPN commentator Jeremy: SCHAAP

51 Mars, to Greeks: ARES

52 Sch. with a Providence campus: URI

53 Tune: SONG

57 Atlantic food fish: SCUP

59 Beach tone: TAN

60 Genetic material: RNA

61 That, to Pedro: ESA

62 Pkg. measures: WTS

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