LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 4 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "And was Jerusalem builded here / Among these dark Satanic __?": Blake: MILLS

6 Fortune's partner: FAME

10 Old home theater setups: VCRS

14 Something to bid: ADIEU

15 Plant not actually in the lily genus: ARUM

16 Sound from a roller coaster: WHEE

17 Garnish at the bar: LEMONTWIST

19 Essence: GIST

20 Key under a tilde: TAB

21 Actress __ Gurira who plays Okoye in recent Marvel films: DANAI

22 Locks with a bar: BOLTS

23 Attack with vigor: ASSAIL

25 Is able to: COULD

27 Tough gymnastics maneuver: BACKWARDFLIP

32 Laid-back: CHILL

35 Van Gogh setting: ARLES

36 Texter's intro to a take: IMO

37 Name meaning "born again": RENE

38 Tie for cooking: TRUSS

39 Related: AKIN

40 Graceless sort: OAF

41 Where to see lots of fans: ARENA

42 Refine: AMEND

43 Heavy surf feature: CRASHINGWAVE

46 Nickname used by Shaggy: SCOOB

47 Animosity: RANCOR

51 "Whoa, didn't expect to see you here": OHHEY

53 A thousand ccs: LITER

56 "Well, well, well!": OHO

57 Reason to wear a hat: RAIN

58 Reason to wear a hat ... or what 17-, 27- or 43-Across may describe: BADHAIRDAY

60 Record blemish: BLOT

61 Most applied-to U.S. sch. in the fall of 2021: UCLA

62 Singer featured on Missy Elliott's "Lose Control": CIARA

63 Jacob's dozen: SONS

64 Distort: SKEW

65 '50s bomb: EDSEL


1 Valletta's island: MALTA

2 Creative output: IDEAS

3 Swing supports: LIMBS

4 Sign before Virgo: LEO

5 Old timer: SUNDIAL

6 Be obsequious: FAWN

7 Showcase for pipes? ARIA

8 Cutting-edge instrument? MUSICALSAW

9 Ambulance pro: EMT

10 Car once marketed as the Rabbit: VWGOLF

11 Young at heart: CHILDLIKE

12 Take a breather: REST

13 Spreads, as sails: SETS

18 Soft rock: TALC


24 Skilled: ABLE

26 Metal sources: ORES

28 "Trilogy of Terror" star: KARENBLACK

29 Squeezed (out): WRUNG

30 "Let's do it!": IMIN

31 (The) Atlantic, to Brits: POND

32 "Zeeba" eater in the comic "Pearls Before Swine": CROC

33 Pick up, in a way: HEAR

34 Trendy: INFASHION

38 Folk group, often: TRIO

39 Congregation cry: AMEN

41 Greeting at sea: AHOY

42 Grasping nature: AVARICE

44 Tracks of a sort: SCENTS

45 __ 51: AREA

48 Score conclusions: CODAS

49 Place to see some Chicago touchdowns? OHARE

50 Word with family or flush: ROYAL

51 "Windows to the soul": ORBS

52 Religious art image: HALO

54 Like frivolous chatter: IDLE

55 Spring harbinger: THAW

58 It picks people up: BUS

59 Done with, with "of": RID

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