LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Crossed the mob, in a way: SANG

5 Insignificant points: NITS

9 When repeated, Second British Invasion band: DURAN

14 Second person of old? THOU

15 "No problems here": IMOK

16 "... the __ of defeat": "Wide World of Sports" phrase: AGONY

17 Steaming flow: LAVA

18 Casual eatery: CAFE

19 One spun by a juggler: PLATE

20 Deity worshiped by backyard chefs? BARBECUESPIRIT

23 July 4th show failure: DUD

24 Attach, in a way: TIE

25 NFL scores: FGS

28 Underground support: ROOT


36 7-10 split, to a bowler? IRKINGPINS

39 Exploring toon: DORA

40 Conceals: VEILS

41 Support for driving and kicking: TEE

42 Flying toys: KITES

43 Dumbo's flying aids: EARS

44 Distiller Walker's treatise about a whisky grain? HIRAMONRYE

46 Home of the Senators: OTTAWA

48 Ruckus: STIR

49 Double curve: ESS

50 Two-time U.S. Open champ: ELS

52 Played the first card: LED

54 Hester Prynne's trademark milk-producing farm? REDLETTERDAIRY

62 So it could be heard: ALOUD

63 Where I-90 and I-79 meet: ERIE

64 Rock's Bon __: JOVI

66 Fire sign: SMOKE

67 With 68-Across, words before "easy": EGGS

68 See 67- or 69-Across: OVER

69 With 68-Across, studied: PORED

70 Army installation: POST

71 Loch with a legend: NESS


1 Baseball Cards: Abbr.: STL

2 Melville captain: AHAB

3 1960s-'80s Chevy: NOVA

4 Bank employee: GUARD

5 Words to a growler: NICEDOG

6 Apple on a desk: IMAC

7 Vegan staple: TOFU

8 Sport with disks: SKEET

9 Togged out: DAPPER

10 Not-cute fruit: UGLI

11 Large chorus of cheers: ROAR

12 Opposition prefix: ANTI

13 Duma "Don't think so!": NYET

21 Uses for warmth, as wood: BURNS

22 Dainty drinks: SIPS

25 Cops as a unit: FIVEO

26 Marvelous: GREAT

27 Get around: SKIRT

29 Eye-related prefix: OPTI

30 Layers: TIERS

32 Father of Thor: ODIN

33 French possessive: NOTRE

34 Low cards: TREYS

35 Relief providers: OASES

37 To whom Rick says, "We'll always have Paris": ILSA

38 Orderly: NEAT

42 Divided land: KOREA

44 Put a stop to: HALT

45 Least spicy: MILDEST

47 Tidied the garden: WEEDED

51 A lot to pay: STEEP

53 Tangy mustard: DIJON

54 Filing tool: RASP

55 Dagwood neighbor: ELMO

56 Saloon __: DOOR

57 Third of four canonical gospels: LUKE

58 Thus: ERGO

59 Fixes on the sly: RIGS

60 Wander: ROVE

61 Part of YSL: YVES

65 April 15 org., or, as a plural, a hint to four long puzzle answers: IRS

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