LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 4 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Card that loses to a trey: DEUCE

6 Equine control: REIN

10 Dazzled: AWED

14 Boo-boo: ERROR

15 Besides that: ELSE

16 Waterslide cry: WHEE

17 *Yellow tomato with red swirls: BIGRAINBOW

19 Dismiss from work: FIRE

20 __ coffee: cool drink: ICED

21 Anonymous Jane: DOE

22 One-on-one teacher: TUTOR

23 Mortarboard hanger: TASSEL

25 Flier's seat choice: AISLE

27 *"Our group doesn't agree": WETHINKNOT

31 Heed, with "by": ABIDE

35 Couple's pronoun: OURS

36 Currency for 19 states: EURO

38 Dull movie, say: BORE

39 "Spider-Man" actress Kirsten: DUNST

40 Staircase part: STEP

41 Fish that complains a lot? CARP

42 One less than nona-: OCTA

43 Liability offset on a balance sheet: ASSET

44 *Phillie Phanatic, notably: TEAMMASCOT

47 Environmentally friendly: GREEN

48 Highway divider: MEDIAN

53 Opposite of old age: YOUTH

55 Long, long time: EON

57 About, on a memo: INRE

58 Inuit word for "house": IGLU

59 Concludes with no clear winner ... and what each answer to a starred clue does? ENDSINATIE

62 Bosc or Anjou: PEAR

63 Snail __: letter carrier's burden: MAIL

64 Golfer Sam: SNEAD

65 Arid: SERE

66 "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

67 Singer __ Rae Jepsen: CARLY


1 Ledger entry: DEBIT

2 "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA

3 Impulses: URGES

4 Firewood units: CORDS

5 Victorian or Elizabethan: ERA

6 Janet __, attorney general after Barr: RENO

7 Hamburg's river: ELBE

8 Prefix with metric: ISO

9 Never been used: NEW

10 Terrible quality: AWFULNESS

11 Low-visibility snow events: WHITEOUTS

12 Gateway Arch designer Saarinen: EERO

13 Bucks in a forest: DEER

18 Doing nothing: IDLE

22 "For shame!": TSK

24 Meadow mom: EWE

25 Respiratory cavity: AIRSAC

26 MIT's "I": Abbr.: INST

28 Froot Loops mascot __ Sam: TOUCAN

29 Fox-and-hounds pursuits: HUNTS

30 Shade provider: TREE

31 Alphabet sequence symbolizing ease: ABC

32 Word with row or sail: BOAT

33 Imperfect, as sale goods: IRREGULAR

34 Arrival's opposite: DEPARTURE

37 Choose (to): OPT

39 Capitol feature: DOME

43 Absorbed, as a cost: ATE

45 [Yawn]: MEH

46 Upscale hotel: OMNI

49 Ross or Rigg: DIANA

50 Prefix meaning "between": INTER

51 Sans-serif font: ARIAL

52 Impoverished: NEEDY

53 Golfer's putting jitters, with "the": YIPS

54 Curved molding: OGEE

55 Do some prose-tightening: EDIT

56 Nobel Peace Prize city: OSLO

59 Big Aussie bird: EMU

60 Indian bread: NAN

61 Pres. advisory group: NSC

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