LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 4 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 4 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jam holder: JAR

4 Nike logo: SWOOSH

10 H.S. junior's exam: PSAT

14 "__ Beso (That Kiss!)": Paul Anka song: ESO

15 Stephen King's telekinetic high schooler: CARRIE

16 Short car trip: RIDE

17 "Chill! It's Labor Day!": SITBACKANDRELAX

20 Open, as a Chablis: UNCORK

21 Toy block brand: LEGO

22 NYC airport on Flushing Bay: LGA

23 Gas for signs: NEON

25 "Actually, you're right": WELLYES

27 Oared: ROWED

30 More than zero: ANY

32 Trail behind: LAG

33 Señora Perón: EVA

34 River, in Mexico: RIO

35 Kick out of office, as a dictator: DEPOSE

38 "Chill! It's Labor Day!": LETYOURHAIRDOWN

42 Early ball game score: ONEONE

43 "... at the __ ball game!": song lyric: OLD

44 Speak: SAY

45 Coax (out), as a genie: RUB

46 Letters in a certain bachelor's ad: SWM

47 "Bye!": SEEYA

49 Unanalyzed info: RAWDATA

52 Came home in a cloud of dust: SLID

54 Inventor Whitney: ELI

55 Hawkeyes' home: IOWA

57 Historic cold period: ICEAGE

61 "Chill! It's Labor Day!": DONTLIFTAFINGER

64 "Young Frankenstein" seductress: INGA

65 Big name in little trains: LIONEL

66 Prefix with verse: UNI

67 Yappy dog, e.g.: PEST

68 Holy female fig. in a Renaissance painting: STMARY

69 Lumberjack's tool: AXE


1 Son of God, in a Bach cantata title: JESU

2 B __ bravo: ASIN

3 Campus mil. unit: ROTC

4 Chicken or cowed: SCARED

5 Ridiculously silly: WACKO

6 Mork's planet: ORK

7 Like a dental exam: ORAL

8 Stringy, as meat: SINEWY

9 Row of foundation bushes: HEDGE

10 Antonym of post-: PRE

11 Foolish one: SILLYGOOSE

12 "Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit," e.g.: ADAGE

13 Lone Star State: TEXAS

18 Leftover for Fido: BONE

19 Painting gadget: ROLLER

24 Former Neet rival: NAIR

26 SoCal cop force: LAPD

27 Move, in realty ads: RELO

28 Roast roaster: OVEN

29 Student swimmer's aid: WATERWINGS

31 "Ain't happenin'!": NOHOW

34 Feel regret over: RUE

35 "The butler __ it": DID

36 Persuade: SWAY

37 Irish New Age songwriter: ENYA

39 "__ be surprised": YOUD

40 One way for a jailed suspect to get out: ONBAIL

41 Aid to the poor: ALMS

46 Considered appropriate: SAWFIT

47 Italy's largest island: SICILY

48 Biblical garden: EDEN

49 Immerse in salsa again, as a chip (only do this if you're 50-Down!): REDIP

50 By oneself: ALONE

51 Works hard: TOILS

53 One devoted to a single profession: LIFER

56 Itty-bitty bit: ATOM

58 34-Across filler: AGUA

59 Group after boomers: GENX

60 Spooky-sounding lake: ERIE

62 Tit for __: TAT

63 Santa __, California: ANA

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