LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 4 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 4 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Devices at one's fingertips: TABLETS

8 Bowl over: AWE

11 Old NCAA football ranking sys.: BCS

14 Music genre for Ladysmith Black Mambazo and King Sunny AdŽ: AFROPOP

15 Chemist's garb: LABCOAT

17 __ kick: martial arts maneuver: SCISSOR

18 Adriatic country whose flag has a double-headed eagle: ALBANIA

19 Corp. bigwig: CEO

20 Pen pal greeting? OINK

22 Impudent: PERT

23 Split __ soup: PEA

25 Apples on teachers' desks: MACBOOKPROS

28 "The Wire" actor Idris: ELBA

30 Very thin: SKINNY

31 Floorboard-ruining insects: TERMITES

33 2005 slasher film sequel: SAWII

38 Rather cross: INASNIT

39 Some losers: DIETERS

41 Food truck fare: TACOS

42 Tiny organisms: MICROBES

43 18-Across capital: TIRANA

46 Premier League soccer team, to fans: MANU

47 Soccer powerhouse from Spain: FCBARCELONA

52 "Middle" note: CEE

53 Flowery rings: LEIS

54 Young newts: EFTS

55 Epidemic-fighting agcy.: CDC

57 Prohibited: ILLEGAL

59 Go along with: AGREETO

63 Bony thoracic structure: RIBCAGE

64 Place setting item: UTENSIL

65 Eastern principle: TAO

66 __ object: SEX

67 Waters near the South Pole: ROSSSEA


1 Some grad students: TAS

2 Org. with Colts and Broncos: AFC

3 Curios assortment: BRICABRAC

4 Take a beating: LOSE

5 __ salts: EPSOM

6 In addition: TOO

7 Toothed wheel: SPROCKET

8 Post-rehab support group: ALANON

9 Bit part: WALKON

10 Retreat, as the tide: EBB

11 Ugly mistake: BONER

12 Tahrir Square city: CAIRO

13 Sports data: STATS

16 Abner drawer: CAPP

21 Venerated bird in ancient Egypt: IBIS

23 __ four: teacake: PETIT

24 Justice Kagan: ELENA

26 Italian bubbly: ASTI

27 Bandleader Kay known as "The Ol' Perfessor": KYSER

29 Playground comeback: AMSO

32 Orch. piece: INSTR

34 Nuclear energy source: ATOM

35 ISP service: WEBACCESS

36 Dancer Castle: IRENE

37 Magazine copy: ISSUE

39 "Jurassic World" beast: DINOSAUR

40 Volunteer's words: ICAN

42 Brewer's supply: MALT

44 Film franchise with a saber-toothed tiger named Diego: ICEAGE

45 Involuntary, as a reaction: REFLEX

47 Tease: FLIRT

48 "Queen of Salsa" Cruz: CELIA

49 "The Hobbit" hobbit: BILBO

50 "Wait __!": ASEC

51 Lots of land: ACRES

56 Sanctuaries: DENS

58 Oxygen or hydrogen: GAS

60 Classic muscle car: GTO

61 Make fast: TIE

62 Lisbon greeting: OLA

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