LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 4 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 4 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ticket category: ADULT

6 Goggle: GAPE

10 Request to a prospective guest: RSVP

14 "Paint It Black" instrument: SITAR

15 "That's a shame": ALAS

16 "East of Eden" director Kazan: ELIA

17 Solo's favorite sandwiches? HANBURGERS

19 "The Persistence of Memory" painter: DALI

20 1914 battle river: YSER

21 Side in some all-star games: EAST

22 Didn't dawdle: ACTED

23 __ loss for words: ATA

25 Digging: INTO

27 Vader's favorite treat? DARTHCHOCOLATE

34 Automne preceder: ETE

35 Refrain: CHORUS

36 Cabeza, across the Pyrenees: TETE

38 Busy, busy, busy: ATIT

40 "Friendly Skies" co.: UAL

41 X-rated material: SMUT

42 Jasmine __: RICE

43 Not on the level: ASLANT

46 BlackBerry, e.g.: PDA

47 Wookiee's favorite dessert? CHEWIEBROWNIES

50 Protective cover: TARP

51 CanapŽ topper: ROE

52 Hit gently: TAPON

55 Actor Hemsworth: LIAM

58 Soak up the sun: BASK

62 Rapper with a beverage-like name: ICET

63 Hutt's favorite beverage? JABBAJUICE

65 No ally of Asta: FLEA

66 Uptight: ANAL

67 Put to rest: ALLAY

68 What "F" may mean: FULL

69 Modest response to praise: ITRY

70 Brigantine's pair: MASTS


1 Far from ruddy: ASHY

2 "Buenos __": DIAS

3 "Cure Ignorance" online anthology: UTNE

4 Unwitting test taker: LABRAT

5 Capote nickname: TRU

6 "Born This Way" Lady: GAGA

7 Tavern pours: ALES

8 Hard to please: PARTICULAR

9 Double curve: ESS

10 Revolutionary soldiers: REDCOATS

11 Deck chair piece: SLAT

12 Beneath contempt: VILE

13 Treated: PAID

18 Part of a boxer's "tale of the tape": REACH

22 The NHL's Thrashers: ATL

24 Cannabis compound: THC

26 Discouraging words: NOS

27 Honey: DEAR

28 Room at the top: ATTIC

29 1990s Labor secretary: REICH

30 Boston fern, e.g.: HOUSEPLANT

31 Sonicare rival: ORALB

32 Piano practice concerns: TEMPI

33 Piano practice piece: ETUDE

37 Share-a-ride updates, briefly: ETAS

39 Stay dry: TEETOTAL

43 Balloon filler: AIR

44 Bellini opera: NORMA

45 Wee hour: TWO

48 Blanched: WAN

49 One of six awards for Ursula Le Guin: NEBULA

52 Minor argument: TIFF

53 Free speech org.: ACLU

54 Zest: PEEL

56 Support beam: IBAR

57 Well: ABLY

59 Is home sick, maybe: AILS

60 "Go on, git!": SCAT

61 Custodian's ringfull: KEYS

63 __ alai: JAI

64 Improv session: JAM

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