LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 5 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Triumphant exclamation: TADA

5 Illusion: FACADE

11 "The good is __ interred with their bones": "Julius Caesar": OFT

14 Ostrich relatives: EMUS

15 Payday lender, perhaps: USURER

16 Extract with effort: PRY

17 Suffers: AILS

18 Make some cote residents angry? STEAMSHEEP

20 Singer Etheridge: MELISSA

22 One no longer working: RETIREE

23 Enjoy at a leisurely pace: SIP

24 Pikelike fish: GAR

25 Nihilistic art movement: DADA

26 Calf roper's target? FEETTOBETIED

31 Put away: EAT

32 Young one: TOT

33 Storm components? TWEETS

37 Ranking suit: TRUMP

40 Giant Mel: OTT

42 Fund: ENDOW

43 2019 Grammy Awards host Keys: ALICIA

45 40-Acr. is in it: HOF

47 Savings plan acronym: IRA

48 Birdwatcher's journal entry? CARDINALSEEN

52 "Frozen" sister: ELSA

55 "Live __": Taco Bell slogan: MAS

56 Prop for Palmer: TEE

57 Valley element? SILICON

59 Embezzlers, e.g.: THIEVES

63 Borden, in the 1870s? TEENLIZZIE

65 Cloud of gloom: PALL

66 Golden __: AGE

67 Singer Grande: ARIANA

68 Biblical twin: ESAU

69 Risk: BET

70 Identified: PEGGED

71 Editor's notation: DELE


1 Group of playmates: TEAM

2 Parisian love: AMIE

3 Hardly inspiring: DULL

4 Good Samaritan's offer: ASSIST

5 Persnickety one: FUSSPOT

6 "The Thin Man" canine: ASTA

7 Help in the theater: CUE

8 Biblical mount: ARARAT

9 Unfavorable mark: DEMERIT

10 In the past, in the past: ERST

11 Adams' "Nixon in China," e.g.: OPERA

12 Let go: FREED

13 Far from laid-back: TYPEA

19 Out of sight: HIDDEN

21 Work for parents: SIT

24 Juicy tidbit lead-in: GETTHIS

26 Greek salad topper: FETA

27 Bowling great __ Anthony: EARL

28 Sewing case: ETUI

29 "I can't get no satisfaction!": BOO

30 Farm mom: EWE

34 First name in the cast of "The Sopranos": EDIE

35 Sped: TORE

36 Christmas song swimmer: SWAN

38 2008 presidential candidate: MCCAIN

39 Actress Zadora: PIA

41 Heavy weight: TON

44 Bedroom piece: ARMOIRE

46 Dimwit: FATHEAD

49 Polish seaport, in Germany: DANZIG

50 Welcoming gift: LEI

51 Leaked slowly: SEEPED

52 Founded: Abbr.: ESTAB

53 Feudal subject: LIEGE

54 Reason for closed schools, perhaps: SLEET

58 Show appreciation: CLAP

59 Stabber: TINE

60 Still-life standard: VASE

61 Airline known for tight security: ELAL

62 Turn on an axis: SLUE

64 Half a slalom segment: ZAG

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