LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 5 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Guys: MALES

6 Overplay on stage: HAMUP

11 Sting operation: CON

14 Rent-a-car company: ALAMO

15 State one's views: OPINE

16 Penn or Brown, e.g.: IVY

17 *Bank form: DEPOSITSLIP

19 Oz's __ Woodman: TIN

20 "Smell Ready" deodorant brand: AXE

21 Prepare to exit one's car: UNBELT

22 Actress/inventor Lamarr: HEDY

23 Like Hammett's falcon: MALTESE

25 Jamaican music: SKA

27 In the thick of: AMIDST

30 "Let me run that errand": ILLGO

34 Spoke like Daffy: LISPED

37 *Surprise inheritance: WINDFALL

39 At some prior time: ONCE

40 Like A-listers: ELITE

42 __ Piper: rat-removal fellow: PIED

43 *Venue for a license plate game: ROADTRIP

45 Political candidate lists: SLATES

47 Key above Shift: ENTER

48 Some green sauces: PESTOS

50 Org. in Clancy novels: CIA

52 Support pieces above doors: LINTELS

56 "Star __ III: The Search for Spock": TREK

59 China's __ Kai-shek: CHIANG

62 __ v. Wade: ROE

63 "Justice League" actress Gadot: GAL

64 With "on," not strong, as an argument ... and what might cause the ends of answers to starred clues? SHAKYGROUND

66 ER fluid hookups: IVS

67 Soprano Fleming: RENEE

68 Allow to fluctuate, as a currency: UNPEG

69 Service charge: FEE

70 Heroic Schindler: OSKAR

71 __ Dame: NOTRE


1 "__ Secretary": 2010s CBS drama: MADAM

2 Echo Dot assistant: ALEXA

3 Flap for a mic: LAPEL

4 Moody music genre: EMO

5 Insincere "My bad": SOSUEME

6 Breeding environment: HOTBED

7 Church niche: APSE

8 Paper factory: MILL

9 Troop groups: UNITS

10 Get-up-and-go: PEP

11 Name, as sources: CITE

12 "Metamorphoses" poet: OVID

13 Part of a Wall St. address: NYNY

18 One with confidential info: INSIDER

22 Thirty after the hour: HALFPAST

24 Dated stereo component: TAPEDECK

26 Josh: KID

28 Credit card motion: SWIPE

29 __ for tat: TIT

31 Milk, in Marseille: LAIT

32 TV show about a high school choir: GLEE

33 Cutlass automaker: OLDS

34 Myths, legends, etc.: LORE

35 Informed of: INON

36 Ella's improv style: SCAT

38 Like stored Russian dolls: NESTING

41 Blistex target: LIP

44 Bi- plus one: TRI

46 Extended period of time: LONGRUN

49 Vampire vanquisher: SLAYER

51 Partner of pains: ACHES

53 Spew lava and ash: ERUPT

54 Introvert: LONER

55 Everglades plant: SEDGE

56 "The workweek's almost over!": TGIF

57 Glowing review: RAVE

58 Above all __: more than anything: ELSE

60 Slugger Aaron: HANK

61 Swedish furniture chain: IKEA

64 Sign of a sellout: SRO

65 Musician Yoko: ONO

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