LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 5 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 5 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 5 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Muppet chimp __ Minella: SAL

4 "Patience you must have" speaker: YODA

8 Text for a promo: ADCOPY

14 Unit of weight: CARAT

19 Biblical priest: ELI

20 Steady: EVEN

21 First name in the 2016 campaign: BERNIE

22 Informed: AWARE

23 Track circuit: LAP

24 Company covering the ninth of Salinger's "Nine Stories"? LASTTALEINSURANCE

27 Spur on: IMPEL

29 White wine apéritif: KIR

30 TRS-80s, e.g.: PCS

31 __ of interest: PERSON

32 Company providing stimulation before a round? GOLFERSCOFFEE

36 Belief system: CREDO

37 Robot arms don't have them: ULNAE

38 Camera lens feature: IRIS

39 Like a D, gradewise: POOR

40 Subway posting: MAP

43 Madame Bovary: EMMA

45 Bankrolled: STAKED

47 Acronymic distress about being excluded from the fun: FOMO

48 Leery of: ONTO

49 Opening feature: POPTOP

51 Company for ones who love taking sides? IADOREPOTATOES

54 "__ got it!": IVE

55 Fax button: SEND

57 Toss in: ADD

58 Look down on, figuratively: SPITAT

59 Brain areas: CEREBRA

61 Green, in a way: ENVIOUS

65 Rilke works: POEMS

66 Company that bugs people? NOSYELECTRONICS

69 "Real Time" host: MAHER

72 Canadian site of the 1988 Winter Olympics: ALBERTA

73 Tiny and shapeless: AMOEBIC

77 Timeless, in verse: ETERNE

79 '60s chic: MOD

80 __ page: OPED

81 Acapulco gold: ORO

82 Company that moves a lot of cash? LARGEFLOWSBANK

87 Like some surveys: AERIAL

89 Card sounding like a platter: TREY

90 Christmas lot selection: FIRS

91 "Little House" family name: OLESON

93 Spent: USED

94 Shirley MacLaine, to Warren Beatty: SIS

95 Ump's cry: SAFE

96 Big heap: SLEW

97 Cartoon genre: ANIME

99 Trace of color: TINCT

101 Company named for its product container? INACARTONMILK

105 Old marketplaces: AGORAE

107 United: ONE

108 Moll's limb: GAM

109 Grammy winner Gorme: EYDIE

110 Company dealing "frankly" with campaign issues? MAYORSRACEWIENERS

115 Even a little: ANY

116 Overhead concern? OZONE

117 Emotionally out of control: CRAZED

118 Runs on: GABS

119 Laugh starter: HEE

120 Author Theodor __ Geisel: SEUSS

121 Helpful holdings: ASSETS

122 Nobelist Wiesel: ELIE

123 Not even: ODD


1 Former MLB exec Bud: SELIG

2 Dollar rival: ALAMO

3 Beauty product for kissers: LIPPLUMPER

4 First female Fed head Janet: YELLEN

5 Eggs in a lab: OVA

6 An in-box might be part of one: DESKSET

7 Shenanigan: ANTIC

8 Legal gp.: ABA

9 Penn. neighbor: DEL

10 Brunch fare: CREPES

11 In the cooler: ONICE

12 Money-dispensing needs: PINS

13 "Suh-weet!": YES

14 More than a job: CAREER

15 Tony, for one: AWARD

16 Pasted message, stereotypically: RANSOMNOTE

17 Oil acronym: ARCO

18 Many a gamer: TEEN

25 Three-horse carriage: TROIKA

26 Dislodges: UPROOTS

28 Key of Beethoven's "Eroica": EFLAT

33 Silky-voiced crooners they are not: RASPERS

34 One of the Weasley twins: FRED

35 Dog tag? FIDO

36 Italy's Lake __: COMO

39 Wham! or Roxette: POPDUO

41 Elite crew: ATEAM

42 Blog series: POSTS

43 Awesome: EPIC

44 Formally propose: MOVE

46 Support: AID

47 Film noir hat: FEDORA

48 Serving no purpose: OTIOSE

50 "Look Back in Anger" playwright John: OSBORNE

52 "Nick of Time" singer: RAITT

53 Software details: APPCODE

56 "Glee" actress Rivera: NAYA

60 Get-up-and-go: ENERGY

61 They're rubbed when mingling: ELBOWS

62 Calls for: NEEDS

63 DVD forerunner: VCR

64 Piece of cake: SNAP

67 "Get Shorty" novelist __ Leonard: ELMORE

68 Unequivocal refusal: IMEANNO

69 Softens: MELTS

70 '70s breakout gaming company: ATARI

71 Toast for Mrs. Robinson: HERESTOYOU

74 Capital south of a panhandle: BOISEIDAHO

75 "Dies __": IRAE

76 How vichyssoise is usually served: COLD

78 Wipes out: EFFACES

80 Stamps of approval: OKS

83 Pilfer: LIFT

84 Whirled weapon: BOLA

85 First portrayer of Obi-Wan: ALEC

86 Meditative genre: NEWAGE

88 Gin __: RUMMY

92 Kind of cookie: OATMEAL

95 Catches: SNARES

96 Cold outburst: SNEEZE

98 Actually existing: INESSE

100 Most clubs in a pro's bag: IRONS

101 Andean people: INCAS

102 Scope: RANGE

103 Like much loose-leaf paper: LINED

104 Focused (on): KEYED

105 Cookie monster? AMOS

106 Look steadily: GAZE

107 Tools in locks: OARS

111 Early TV maker: RCA

112 Caught in the rain without an umbrella, say: WET

113 Bouncer's requests: IDS

114 Ballpark fig.: RBI

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