LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 5 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tea service carrier: CART

5 Club in a Manilow title: COPA

9 Shirk work: DOGIT

14 Isaac's eldest son: ESAU

15 Tel __: AVIV

16 Berlin Olympics star Jesse: OWENS

17 Wall safe access: COMBINATIONLOCK

20 Not yet bug-free, as software: INBETA

21 Smelling __: SALTS

22 Lion in the sky: LEO

23 Grand __: wine label words: CRU

25 Tijuana aunt: TIA

26 Part of 24-Down: LOS

29 Base for many soups: CHICKENSTOCK

32 PC fixer: TECH

35 Yale student: ELI

36 Country divided in 1945: KOREA

37 French friend: AMIE

38 Part of a French toast: SANTE

41 Opposite of sloppy: NEAT

42 Pool game call before "Polo!": MARCO

44 __ number on: confound: DOA

45 Hathaway of "Ocean's 8": ANNE

46 Classic country store container: PICKLEBARREL

50 Tavern offering: ALE

51 Musical pair: DUO

52 Paving material: TAR

53 __ Baba: ALI

56 Doc's order to a pharmacist: SCRIP

58 Use, as a scratching post: CLAWAT

60 What the ends of 17-, 29- and 46-Across figuratively comprise: THEWHOLESHEBANG

64 "West Side Story" heroine: MARIA

65 New York canal: ERIE

66 "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

67 Titleholder: CHAMP

68 Confers knighthood on: DUBS

69 Website for crafty people? ETSY


1 Director DeMille: CECIL

2 All together: ASONE

3 Role for Stallone: RAMBO

4 London underground: TUBE

5 Yellow songbirds: CANARIES

6 Egg cells: OVA

7 Cherry discards: PITS

8 Fly a plane: AVIATE

9 "Let's not talk about that": DONTASK

10 Barn hooters: OWLS

11 Old Metro automaker: GEO

12 End of many co. names: INC

13 Cluck of disapproval: TSK

18 Thing to scratch: ITCH

19 Lena of "The Reader": OLIN

24 Home to the NCAA Bruins: UCLA

26 Oscar winner Sophia: LOREN

27 Atlantic or Pacific: OCEAN

28 It can have wheels or blades: SKATE

29 Cash alternative: CHECK

30 In a way, slangily: KINDA

31 Having a key, in music: TONAL

32 City on Florida's Gulf Coast: TAMPA

33 Computer message: EMAIL

34 Homeric temptress: CIRCE

39 Civil wrong: TORT

40 Divers' maladies: EARACHES

43 Addressee of many a Brit's "I say": OLDCHAP

47 Current Italian currency: EURO

48 Heated to bubbling: BOILED

49 Author Gardner with many plots: ERLE

53 Anticipate: AWAIT

54 Highway divisions: LANES

55 PC fixer: ITGUY

56 Do pool laps, say: SWIM

57 Country where "Raiders of the Lost Ark" begins: PERU

59 Blessed with the necessary skills: ABLE

60 SHO sister channel: TMC

61 "I knew it!": HAH

62 Significant period: ERA

63 Sis, to her sis: SIB

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