LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 5 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Poets: BARDS

6 Ocean breaker: WAVE

10 Former Iranian ruler: SHAH

14 From another planet: ALIEN

15 Golfer's club selection: IRON

16 Golfer's target: HOLE

17 What the star gets on a marquee: TOPBILLING

19 Express checkout lane unit: ITEM

20 "__ Haw": HEE

21 Contemptuous manner, in slang: TUDE

22 "Pet" annoyance: PEEVE

23 Dejected: CRESTFALLEN

26 Wrap tightly, as in bandages: SWATHE

30 Poker holding: HAND

31 Charged atoms: IONS

32 Madame of physics: CURIE

34 Guy's partner: GAL

37 Level of optimal accomplishment: PEAKPERFORMANCE

41 Bygone jet, briefly: SST

42 Act with passion: EMOTE

43 Caution: WARN

44 Song at the Met: ARIA

45 Like most peanuts: SALTED

47 Meeting of world leaders: SUMMITTALKS

52 Name on rented trailers: UHAUL

53 Lane with a nose for news: LOIS

54 Pasta suffix: INI

57 Dirt road grooves: RUTS

58 Honorable ... and like the starts of 17-, 23-, 37- and 47-Across: HIGHMINDED

61 Emancipated: FREE

62 Pigmented eye layer: UVEA

63 Watchdog warning: GROWL

64 Part of NIMBY: YARD

65 Swiss capital: BERN

66 Foul, weather-wise: NASTY


1 It's drawn in a tub: BATH

2 Natural skin soother: ALOE

3 Unlike green tomatoes: RIPE

4 Star of the ball: DEB

5 Tattletale: SNITCH

6 Witty Oscar: WILDE

7 Astrological Ram: ARIES

8 Maria __ Trapp: VON

9 Subj. with grammar: ENG

10 Handheld riot gear: SHIELD

11 Marriott facility: HOTEL

12 Advil competitor: ALEVE

13 Macho guys: HEMEN

18 Tempt: LURE

22 "The Hunger Games" nation: PANEM

24 Severe pang: THROE

25 Carnival: FAIR

26 Drinks that make a drink last: SIPS

27 Troubles: WOES

28 Vet sch. course: ANAT

29 Disdainful click: TSK

32 Zagreb native: CROAT

33 N.Y.-based educators' union: UFT

34 Insect in a dusk swarm: GNAT

35 Realtor's lot unit: ACRE

36 Allow to borrow: LEND

38 Danger: PERIL

39 Give out: EMIT

40 Tapered tool: AWL

44 Tickled: AMUSED

45 Less than 1%? SKIM

46 Give, as homework: ASSIGN

47 Like the beach during a storm: SURFY

48 "Star Trek" lieutenant: UHURA

49 Alma __: MATER

50 Rags-to-riches author Horatio: ALGER

51 Lindsay who played Liz in "Liz & Dick": LOHAN

54 Wedding promises: IDOS

55 Mature eft: NEWT

56 Relaxed way to sit by: IDLY

58 O'Hare, for United Airlines: HUB

59 "__ been thinking ... ": IVE

60 Org. promoting hunter safety: NRA

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