LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 5 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Distillery mixture: MASH

5 The Flyers' Gritty, e.g.: MASCOT

11 Poke fun at: RIB

14 __-inflammatory: ANTI

15 Corrida figure: ELTORO

16 Important card: ACE

17 *Line never spoken by James Cagney: YOUDIRTYRAT

19 Cutting remark: DIG

20 4,300-mile range: ANDES

21 Novelist Waugh: ALEC

22 "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

23 *Rock pile at a prehistoric gravesite: BURIALCAIRN

26 Protect with a levee: EMBANK

30 Canon SLR: EOS

31 Gorilla expert Fossey: DIAN

32 A pop: EACH

36 Sail (through): COAST

40 *Like Ju‡rez, vis-ˆ-vis El Paso: ACROSSTHEBORDER

43 MGM part: METRO

44 Cork's place: EIRE

45 Racing legend Earnhardt: DALE

46 Brouhaha: ADO

48 Held to account: LIABLE

50 *Far-fetched, as a story: COCKANDBULL

56 Car rental giant: AVIS

57 "Royal" seaside bird: TERN

58 Spare: EXTRA

63 GQ or EW: MAG

64 "__, Batman!": Robin's cry upon spotting the ends of the answers to starred clues? HOLYTERRIER

66 Lyft driver's ballpark fig.: ETA

67 CafŽ option: AULAIT

68 Real estate ad number: AREA

69 Anthem contraction: OER

70 "Hard to Stop" air conditioners: TRANES

71 Use one's outside voice: YELL


1 "The Good Place" Emmy nominee Rudolph: MAYA

2 In a trice: ANON

3 Poker choice: STUD

4 Keep out of sight: HIDE

5 Debussy's "La __": MER

6 Chancel feature: ALTAR

7 Tablet accessories: STYLI

8 Chick with Grammys: COREA

9 Soothsayer: ORACLE

10 Little one: TOT

11 Circle lines: RADII

12 Less approachable: ICIER

13 Started: BEGUN

18 Library ID: ISBN

22 Hall of Fame Dodger manager Tommy: LASORDA

24 Luau strings: UKES

25 Estée contemporary: COCO

26 Mild cheese: EDAM

27 Nursery rhyme trio: MICE

28 Frequent prank caller to Moe's Tavern: BART

29 Arctic garb: ANORAKS

33 Snacked, say: ATE

34 McBride of "Hawaii Five-0": CHI

35 Sailor's pronoun: HER

37 Very little: ADAB

38 Market: SELL

39 Walnut or pecan: TREE

41 Bar mixer: SODA

42 Round signal: BELL

47 Like a band in a bus: ONTOUR

49 "The Sopranos" actor Robert: ILER

50 Brief appearance: CAMEO

51 Egg-shaped: OVATE

52 Cuban export: CIGAR

53 Street of mystery: DELLA

54 "Trumbo" Oscar nominee Cranston: BRYAN

55 Set free: UNTIE

59 CT scan component: XRAY

60 Run out of gas: TIRE

61 Traditional dance: REEL

62 Mostly depleted sea: ARAL

64 Party accessory: HAT

65 UFO passengers, supposedly: ETS

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