LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 5 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Doesn't block: ADMITS

7 Financial crime trial evidence: LEDGER

13 Daybreak? SIESTA

14 Pronoun sung multiple times in the 1968 hit "Turn Around, Look at Me": SOMEONE

15 French president after Hollande: MACRON

16 One can hold about 500 hours of HD video: TERABYTE

17 "I hate that!": UGH

18 Wine-and-food match, e.g.: PAIRING

20 Ancient refuge: ARK

21 Compensate for goofing off, maybe: CRAM

23 Fill with wonder: AMAZE

24 Not busy: FREE

25 Capital NE of Vientiane: HANOI

27 Cream __: PIE

28 __ one's time: waited: BIDED

29 Motivation in "The Manchurian Candidate": MINDCONTROL

32 Designers' tools: COLORWHEELS

34 Begged off formally: SENTREGRETS

36 Negotiations: TALKS

39 Proof letters: QED

40 Guitar attachment: STRAP

42 Fruit picked from palms: ACAI

43 Old Venetian coin: DUCAT

45 Estate __: SALE

46 Place for a bargain: BIN

47 "See here, fella ... ": LOOKYOU

49 Misfortune: WOE

50 Leftovers: ODDMENTS

52 Nervous excitement: TREMOR

54 Singer who played a hacker in "Ocean's 8": RIHANNA

55 Francia neighbor: ESPANA

56 Enterprise engineer: SCOTTY

57 Small town symbol: MAINST


1 To the same degree: ASMUCH

2 Sentence model used in language teaching: DIAGRAM

3 Pit crew member: MECHANIC

4 State since 1948: Abbr.: ISR

5 Sporty car option: TTOP

6 Arabian Peninsula capital: SANAA

7 Producer Michaels: LORNE

8 Salon, for one: EMAG

9 Ball star: DEB

10 Homer, in baseball jargon: GOYARD

11 Main menu item: ENTREE

12 Gave a strong impression (of): REEKED

14 Motto attributed to Horace: SEIZETHEDAY

16 Total disasters: TRAINWRECKS

19 Reason for a Champagne shortage, maybe: IMPORTQUOTA

22 Snowboard relative: MONOSKI

24 Sole food: FILLETS

26 Waits at the drive-thru: IDLES

28 Participants in Africa's 1830s-'40s Great Trek: BOERS

30 Cell occupant: CON

31 Short rule? REG

33 Deliberately weak argument metaphor: STRAWMAN

35 Stereotypical swinging-doors sites: SALOONS

36 Small drums: TABORS

37 Like vinegar: ACIDIC

38 Cry from a nest? LANDHO

41 Study closely: PEERAT

43 Youngest of a '60s-'70s male quintet, familiarly: DONNY

44 Carved symbol: TOTEM

47 Gave for a while: LENT

48 __ Minor: URSA

51 Sweeper's convenience? MAT

53 Center opening: EPI

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