LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 5 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 5 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 5 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 The Phillie Phanatic and Bernie Brewer: MASCOTS

8 Like some goods: DAMAGED

15 Minimal: LEAST

20 How big dogs may travel: INCARGO

21 Berry, for one: ACTRESS

22 Not warranted: UNDUE

23 Commander of primitive fish? STURGEONGENERAL

25 Goes (through) carefully: COMBS

26 Ginseng and rooibos: HERBALTEAS

27 Early hrs.: AMS

28 Muslim judge: HAKIM

29 NFL commentator Michael: IRVIN

30 Leave out: OMIT

32 Longings: DESIRES

34 Open-__ shoes: TOED

35 Festival for dugong relatives? MANATEEFAIR

40 Rage: IRE

41 Disney's "__ and the Detectives": EMIL

43 Tons: SLEWS

44 Burn lightly: SINGE

46 Went for the worm: BIT

49 Tiny crustacean herald? KRILLTHEMESSENGER

54 Lose it: ERUPT

56 Blood system letters: ABO

57 Informal clothes: CASUALS

58 Former Yugoslav leader: TITO

59 Key next to D: CSHARP

62 Unsurpassed: ALLTIME

66 Italian wine region: ASTI

67 Help for little fish? HERRINGAIDS

71 Words with a hand up, maybe: ICAN

72 Magician who is a two-time "America's Got Talent" winner: SHINLIM

74 Natural light refractor: CORNEA

75 Eco-friendly certification letters: LEED

76 Most stylish: TONIEST

80 Pirate's cry: YAR

81 Jumping, as a joint: ALIVE

82 Reason to go to a seafood restaurant? JUSTFORTHEHALIBUT

88 Danson of TV: TED

89 Disney's vision of tomorrow: EPCOT

90 Make up (for): ATONE

91 Pre-storm state: CALM

93 Warrior prefix: ECO

94 Crustacean seller? PRAWNBROKER

98 "Terrible" czar: IVAN

102 Status car: PORSCHE

105 Contrary to popular belief, throwing it won't endanger birds: RICE

106 Architect Jones: INIGO

107 Dispensed, with "out": METED

108 Bout decision: TKO

111 Amazing: PHENOMENAL

114 Actor Quinn: AIDAN

115 Marine mammal in the air? AHIGHERPORPOISE

117 Silly joke response, perhaps: SNORT

118 Symbol of love: REDROSE

119 Without value: USELESS

120 Baden-Powell who co-founded the Girl Guide movement: AGNES

121 Marginal moves: INDENTS

122 2002 Soderbergh sci-fi film: SOLARIS


1 Tennis error: MISHIT

2 Opposite of retro-: ANTERO

3 Reduced-speed road sign symbol: SCURVE

4 Union __, Dow Chemical subdivision: CARBIDE

5 Skin, e.g.: ORGAN

6 Shampoo brand: TGEL

7 What sweeps sweep: SOOT

8 Discoverer of the first ocean route to India: DAGAMA

9 Nails the final: ACESIT

10 High pt.: MTN

11 Neighborhood: AREA

12 Origin: GERM

13 Those, to José: ESAS

14 Connection letters: DSL

15 Vader creator: LUCAS

16 Sukiyaki ingredient: ENOKI

17 Looking up to: ADMIRING


19 QBs' targets: TES

24 "And the people bowed and prayed / To the __ god they made": Paul Simon, "The Sound of Silence": NEON

28 Nautical pronoun: HER

31 New Age musician John: TESH

32 Talk out of, with "from": DISSUADE

33 One reading signs: SEER

35 Peace, in Russian: MIR

36 Boxer Laila: ALI

37 Power source: Abbr.: ELEC

38 Disaster response gp.: FEMA

39 Stupefies: AWES

42 NYSE, e.g.: MKT

44 React to falling prices, perhaps: SELL

45 Gradually impart: INSTILL

46 Almost-ready products: BETAS

47 Word with whiskey or wolfhound: IRISH

48 Solo's opposite, in music: TUTTI

50 Comic actor Bert: LAHR

51 Angle iron: LBAR

52 Amos at the piano: TORI

53 Chips partner: SALSA

55 Indicate: POINTTO

59 Twill fabric: CHINO

60 Degree of uncommonness, in some games: SEMIRARE

61 Pittsburgh's __ Park: PNC

63 Suggestion for a sprain: ICEIT

64 Author Binchy: MAEVE

65 Stopped: ENDED

68 Many a Prado painting: GOYA

69 Name near Uzbekistan, on maps: ARAL

70 Crucifix letters: INRI

73 It's often an attic: LOFT

77 Jazzy James: ETTA

78 Demonstrate: SHOW

79 Besides Mo., the only state that borders eight others: TENN

81 NHL Flames' home: ATL

82 Off-road vehicle: JEEP

83 Yet to happen: UPCOMING

84 Got a goal against: SCOREDON

85 Lang. of about 200,000 Americans: HEBR

86 Letters in old dates: BCE

87 Old Mideast org.: UAR

92 Seat of New York's Nassau County: MINEOLA

94 Prof.'s degree: PHD

95 Most developed: RIPEST

96 Earth tones: OCHRES

97 Hang on to: KEEP

99 More jungly: VINIER

100 1999 ATP Player of the Year: AGASSI

101 To boot: NOLESS

103 Look parents caution children about: STARE

104 __ on the dollar: CENTS

106 Urge forward: IMPEL

108 "If so ... ": THEN

109 17th-century privateer: KIDD

110 Folklore fiend: OGRE

112 Toi et moi: NOUS

113 Roughly: ORSO

114 Simile words: ASA

115 NFC West team: ARI

116 Term of endearment: HON

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