LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 5 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Closest pal, in IM shorthand: BFF

4 Fish-eating raptor: OSPREY

10 Wretched: VILE

14 Period of history: ERA

15 Put a new flannel layer in, as a coat: RELINE

16 Fruit punches: ADES

17 Nonconformist Harley-riding groups: BIKERGANGS

19 Picky details: NITS

20 Chief Norse god: ODIN

21 "Hulk" director Lee: ANG

22 Photoshop creator: ADOBE

23 Longtime "SNL" announcer Don: PARDO

25 Rose and Orange: BOWLGAMES

28 Hoppy brews, for short: IPAS

30 Dog command: HEEL

31 Shake, as with fear: QUAVER

34 Demeanor: MIEN

35 "__ on a Grecian Urn": ODE

38 Places where critters procreate: BREEDINGGROUNDS

41 Camera initials: SLR

42 35-Across, e.g.: POEM

43 Gulf War reporter Peter: ARNETT

44 Cancœn house: CASA

45 Quick cash sources, initially: ATMS

46 Honey Ryder and Mary Goodnight: BONDGIRLS

50 "Fantastic!": SUPER

54 Like beer in a cooler: ONICE

55 Unit of resistance: OHM

57 Lost fish in a Pixar film: NEMO

58 Letter before eta: ZETA

59 Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 38- and 46-Across: THEBEEGEES

62 Rowing tools: OARS

63 Pine secretions: RESINS

64 Antonym of post-: PRE

65 Gin fizz fruit: SLOE

66 Remove, as a chin strap: UNSNAP

67 The "S" in iOS: Abbr.: SYS


1 Jazz style: BEBOP

2 Mexican artist Kahlo: FRIDA

3 Fire-walking mystic: FAKIR

4 Bruin legend Bobby: ORR

5 Nintendo rival: SEGA

6 Backup strategies: PLANBS

7 Drummer Starr: RINGO

8 London's land: Abbr.: ENG

9 "Okay": YES

10 Graffiti creator, perhaps: VANDAL

11 Figure of speech: IDIOM

12 Do not disturb: LETBE

13 Letters before tees: ESSES

18 Curly salad green: ENDIVE

22 Child psychologists' benchmarks: AGENORMS

24 Where to find columns with views: OPEDPAGE

26 Millard Fillmore, partywise: WHIG

27 Ogle: LEERAT

29 Melodic passages: ARIOSI

31 NFL play callers: QBS

32 Internet address: URL

33 __ Lingus: Irish carrier: AER

34 Roaring-lion studio: MGM

35 Washington's bill: ONE

36 Banned pesticide: DDT

37 Winter hrs. in most of Michigan: EST

39 Not far: NEAR

40 Like heroes deserving more recognition: UNSUNG

44 Jewel box: CDCASE

45 Hearth receptacle: ASHBIN

46 Obnoxious clowns: BOZOS

47 Basketball's Shaq: ONEAL

48 Part of TNT: NITRO

49 Rich soil: LOESS

51 Pals, in slang: PEEPS

52 Nail-filing board: EMERY

53 Kentucky Derby flowers: ROSES

56 "American Beauty" actress Suvari: MENA

59 __TV: Turner channel: TRU

60 Farm layer: HEN

61 Telepathy, e.g.: ESP

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