LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 5 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Twinings products: TEAS

5 Wolf pack leader: ALPHA

10 Oft-misused pronoun: WHOM

14 Hall of Famer Donovan, first woman to coach a WNBA championship team: ANNE

15 One-piece dresses: SARIS

16 Georgetown athlete: HOYA


20 Outshine: ECLIPSE

21 Codgers: GEEZERS

22 Shorthand writer, for short: STENO

23 Haus husband: HERR

24 "Apollo 11" org.: NASA

27 Solution for contacts: SALINE

32 Decides: OPTS

36 Attended, as college, with "to": WENT

38 Fibula neighbor: TIBIA


42 Thumb one's nose at: FLOUT

43 Air Quality Index factor: SMOG

44 Old flames: EXES

45 Bench-clearing brawls, e.g.: SETTOS

47 Big fusses: ADOS

49 Grammar, in grammar: NOUN

51 Slices in a pie, often: OCTAD

56 Christmas show: PAGEANT

60 Nutritionist's unit: CALORIE


64 Soaks (up): SOPS

65 Aptly named 1955 and 2019 Disney dog: TRAMP

66 Oboe vibrator: REED

67 Tupelo, e.g.: TREE

68 Chips in a chip: ANTES

69 Mixes in: ADDS


1 Subdues: TAMES

2 Make into law: ENACT

3 Common sprain site: ANKLE

4 Welcome at the door: SEEIN

5 Snakes in hieroglyphics: ASPS

6 Bodice trim: LACE

7 In favor of: PRO

8 Depend (on): HINGE

9 Daisylike fall flowers: ASTERS

10 Zoom (by): WHIZ

11 Refine, as skills: HONE

12 Open hearing, in law: OYER

13 "24K Magic" singer Bruno: MARS

18 Familiar with: UPON

19 Force gas into: AERATE

23 Word-guessing game: HANGMAN

25 Cobbler's tool: AWL

26 Swell places? SEAS

28 Margarita garnish: LIME

29 Goat with recurved horns: IBEX

30 Start of many a workday: NINE

31 Revived Alton Brown cooking show "Good __": EATS

32 Rip-__: thefts: OFFS

33 Olympic vaulter's need: POLE

34 Home run pace: TROT

35 Indecent matter: SMUT

37 Stepped heavily: TROD

40 Without a musical key: ATONAL

41 Self-awareness: EGO

46 Piano __: SONATA

48 46-Down, often: SOLO

50 Difficult move in a busy intersection: UTURN

52 One leading a charmed life? COBRA

53 Made an attempt: TRIED

54 Needed to skip work, perhaps: AILED

55 Closing documents: DEEDS

56 "Hey, you!": PSST

57 Deity with a bow: AMOR

58 Stare in amazement: GAPE

59 Otherwise: ELSE

60 "The best is yet to __": COME

61 Concert gear: AMPS

63 Bit of body ink: TAT

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