LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 5 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 3.0 and 4.0, briefly: GPAS

5 "The Fall" guy? CAMUS

10 AOL rival: MSN

13 James' evil golfing opponent, in a 1964 film: AURIC

15 Up to one's neck: AWASH

16 Subj. of a "delayed" notice: ETA

17 Kitty Hawk? WRIGHTPLACE

19 Monk's title: DOM

20 Asset for a musician: KEENEAR

21 One with all the answers? SIRI

22 Englishman Charles' ripped-up early essay attempts? WRACKOFLAMB

27 Tight gp.: BFFS

31 Some voting machine parts: LEVERS

32 Arcade plumber: MARIO

34 2010s White House name: MALIA

35 1860s White House name: ABE

38 Good insurance risk? WRECKLESSDRIVER

41 "Didn't I tell you?": SEE

42 U.S. laundry soap since 1918: RINSO

43 Mound stats: SAVES

44 It might be a bust: STATUE

46 Where Ford gets an F: NYSE

47 Pre-Christmas affair? WRAPSESSION

52 Forgets the lyrics, maybe: HUMS

53 Evil laugh: MWAHAHA

58 59-Down need: AMP

59 Winning, in sports slang ... and what each of four puzzle answers is doing? GETTINGTHEW

63 Bit of online mirth: LOL

64 Bury: INURN

65 Gooey goody: SMORE

66 Poetic conjunction: ERE

67 Shoot for the stars: GOBIG

68 Corrosive chemicals: LYES


1 Rubberneck: GAWK

2 Sheer: PURE

3 R&B's India.__: ARIE

4 Take the offer: SIGN

5 Three-time Best Director of the 1930s: CAPRA

6 Spiked punch? AWL

7 Kid's cry: MAA

8 Neil Armstrong alma mater: USC

9 __-crab soup: SHE

10 Smart regarding marketing: MEDIASAVVY

11 Picnic spoiler: STORM

12 Desert along Africa's southwest coast: NAMIB

14 Mull (over): CHEW

18 Sailing moniker: TAR

21 Shooting option, briefly: SLR

23 School meetings: CLASSES

24 "That '70s Show" role: KELSO

25 The "Tristia" poet: OVID

26 Quake causes: FEARS

27 Autobahn autos: BMWS

28 One may be taken for a ride: FARE

29 Shopper's lure: FREESAMPLE

30 Quote qualifier: SIC

33 Gumbo pods: OKRAS

34 Screen lists: MENUS

36 Fliers with combs: BEES

37 Source of "clan" and "slogan": ERSE

39 Miller option: LITE

40 Evan : Welsh :: __ : Scottish: IAN

45 Pranks, in a way, informally: TPS

47 More than a high roller, in casino lingo: WHALE

48 Buzz: RUMOR

49 Cyberchatting: IMING

50 Have mastery over: OWN

51 Badgers: NAGS

54 Webmaster's code: HTML

55 Call from a bridge: AHOY

56 "__ goes!": HERE

57 Floors: AWES

59 Part of a band tour: GIG

60 "The Realistic Joneses" playwright Will: ENO

61 Slow boat: TUB

62 TNT component? TRI

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