LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 5 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Possible cause of price cuts: GLUT

5 Sensitivity symptom: ITCH

9 Bucks' gp.: NBA

12 Overdo, perhaps: POURON

14 Greeting or parting word: CIAO

15 Larter of "Heroes": ALI

16 One might be involved in a gag: TONGUEDEPRESSOR

19 Finish in a winery: AFTERTASTE

20 Gossamer: LACY

21 Talk with one's hands: SIGN

22 Conductor Klemperer: OTTO

24 Again and again, in verse: OFT

27 Composer of "furniture music": SATIE

29 Decision-making board with no members: OUIJA

33 Haydn oratorio, with "The": CREATION

35 Bull elk, at times: BUGLER

36 Sauce named for a city: CINCINNATICHILI

38 Fancifies: ADORNS

39 Transaction involving the repurchase of securities recently unloaded: WASHSALE

40 "... a __ sorrows and acquainted with grief": "Messiah": MANOF

41 Pound parts: PENCE

42 Bobs and weaves: DOS

43 Lean meat source: BOAR

45 Shows interest ... or a lack of it: NODS

47 __ Minor: ASIA

50 Certain cookie vendor's reward: MERITBADGE

55 Symphonist's work: INSTRUMENTATION

57 Semana seventh: DIA

58 Pre-owned: USED

59 Digs: ISINTO

60 Stock thriller character: SPY

61 Queens, e.g.: BEDS

62 Within: Pref.: ENTO


1 Slip: GOOF

2 Broadway theatre dedicatee Alfred: LUNT

3 Drives: URGES

4 Travelers' aids, briefly: TOURISTINFO

5 Lays on, as buttercream: ICES

6 Sneak, in a way: TIPTOE

7 Insert indicator: CARET

8 Plot device? HOE

9 Org. in 2018's "First Man": NASA

10 Like-minded group: BLOC

11 Like a screened-in porch, say: AIRY

12 Car-wash-sponsoring org., maybe: PTA

13 Black numbers? NETGAINS

17 Prominent figure in the Reign of Terror: DANTON

18 Loses, with "off": SLOUGHS

23 Connected (with): TOUCHEDBASE

24 Certain razor namesake: OCCAM

25 2002 title role for Salma: FRIDA

26 Carpenter's joint component: TENON

28 Open-mouthed: INAWE

30 Tale in which Hector and Achilles duel: ILIAD

31 __ shot: JELLO

32 Horned zodiac animal: ARIES

34 Agile performer: ACROBAT

35 Twice-baked cookies: BISCOTTI

37 Astringent in red wine: TANNIN

41 Like some bio majors: PREMED

44 Get to chuckle: AMUSE

46 Observed, maybe: SATIN

47 Some are visual: AIDS

48 Short cut? SNIP

49 Words from Dr. Watson: ISAY

51 Great American Ball Park team: REDS

52 Effort: DINT

53 Command in BASIC: GOTO

54 Musician whose name is a number in reverse: ENO

56 Pitmaster's application: RUB

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