LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 5 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gucci of fashion: ALDO

5 Manual reader: USER

9 Certain highlands musician: PIPER

14 Celebrity: LION

15 Salon service: PEDI

16 Eco-friendly spa brand: AVEDA


20 Gazpacho ingredient: TOMATO

21 Grammatical unit: SENTENCE

22 Make up for skipping classes, perhaps: CRAM

24 Scholar's deg.: PHD


30 Carpooling calc.: ETA

33 Frigid end? AIRE

34 Straight man: STOOGE

35 Bust: NAB

36 Vegetation: FLORA

38 Tarzan creator's monogram: ERB

39 Virus named for a Congolese river: EBOLA

41 Trains above the road: ELS

42 Allows to attack: LETSAT

45 "Smack That" rapper: AKON

46 Manhattan part: RYE


49 Pro: FOR

50 Cabinet dept. with an Office of Science: ENER

51 Dined at a table for one: SATALONE

56 Near-failing grade: DMINUS


62 Reached, as expenses: RANTO

63 Veiny cheese: BLEU

64 Work with needles: KNIT

65 Med. specialty: OBGYN

66 Couture line: SEAM

67 Gels: SETS


1 Came to rest: ALIT

2 Long drive? LIMO

3 Brown digs? DORM

4 Many an Albee play: ONEACTER

5 Puts on the internet, e.g.: UPLOADS

6 Poivre companion: SEL

7 Slow Churned ice cream: EDYS

8 Swarming (with): RIFE

9 Where many aces can be seen: PARTHREE

10 Like some academic walls: IVIED

11 Menial worker: PEON

12 Part of NEA: Abbr.: EDUC

13 Demolish, in Devon: RASE

18 Gillette brand: ATRA

19 Remove wooden pins from: UNPEG

23 Sacred songs: MOTETS

25 Mass consumption? WAFER

26 Like links-style golf courses: HILLY

27 Sprang up: AROSE

28 Razzie Award adjective: WORST

29 Easy to prepare, as desserts: NOBAKE

30 Mushroom in Asian cuisine: ENOKI

31 Raptor's weapon: TALON

32 Go out with __: ABANG

37 "The Jazz Singer" singer: ALJOLSON

40 Applicants with low credit scores, to loan officers: BADRISKS

43 Dutch banknotes: EUROS

44 GŸnter Grass novel, with "The": TINDRUM

48 __-pliŽ: ballet movement with knees half-bent: DEMI

49 Like marbled steak: FATTY

51 Houston pro, locally: STRO

52 Captain who says, "For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee": AHAB

53 Sharp flavor: TANG

54 Well-used crayons: NUBS

55 Creator of Perry and Della: ERLE

57 Diamond complement: NINE

58 Minute, e.g.: UNIT

59 Some NCOs: SGTS

61 __ shooter: PEA

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