LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 5 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Everything is ruined!": WHATAMESS

10 Felipe's assent: SISI

14 Teacher and student in one: AUTODIDACT

16 On __ streak: AHOT

17 Gray day feature: CLOUDCOVER

18 Buds: PALS

19 Red-and-white hat wearer: SANTA

20 Units: ONES

22 Weed-gathering org.: DEA

23 "Put your wallets away": MYTREAT

26 Rich beverage: NOG

27 They need receivers: PASSERS

30 A parade may require one: DETOUR

32 Well-judged: SANE

33 Word before stand or hold: WITH

35 Snow __: WHITE

36 Mounted, in a way: HUNG

37 Word from the Arabic for "friend": SAHIB

39 Unemployed: IDLE

40 Homophone for a word of permission: ALOUD

42 Deceive on the ice: DEKE

43 "Being so great, I have no __ to beg": "King Richard II": NEED

44 Cattle drive figures: RIDERS

46 Timon of "The Lion King," e.g.: MEERKAT

48 Panamanian pronoun: ESO

49 Back: ENDORSE

51 USN bigwig: ADM

52 Bad lot: DOOM

53 Unskilled workers: PEONS

58 Hippie era activity: BEIN

60 Site for old wheels: USEDCARLOT

63 Strike zone, at times: LANE

64 Where love doesn't conquer anything: TENNISGAME

65 Remove an apostrophe from, say: EDIT

66 It may be the best thing to do when you're stuck: STARTOVER


1 Their 1943 manual said, "Be Ready To Take Over": WACS

2 Entertainment with swaying: HULA

3 Very much: ATON

4 Praise extravagantly: TOUT

5 Cartoonist with an Edgar Award: ADDAMS

6 Podium fixture: MIC

7 Tokyo, long ago: EDO

8 Drinks it all in: SAVORSTHEMOMENT

9 View: SCENE

10 Patsy: SAP

11 "You could've fooled me": IHADNOIDEA

12 Exclusive source: SOLEOUTLET

13 Words of concord: ITSAGREED

15 Step: TREAD

21 Hearty fare: STEW

24 Ornamental shrubs: YEWS

25 Common chord: TRIAD

27 '60s music conspiracy theory: PAULISDEAD

28 Dating clarification: ANNODOMINI

29 Smooth shift: SEGUE

31 IBM's __ exhibit: THINK

32 Like some big entrées: SHAREABLE

34 Backpack carrier: HIKER

38 Drones, e.g.: BEES

41 1856 Stowe novel: DRED

45 Muzzle: SNOUT

47 Meal: REPAST

50 Specifications on vials: DOSES

54 Cartesian connection: ERGO

55 Name of five Norwegian monarchs: OLAV

56 Northwestern U.S. city: NOME

57 Analog of -ist: STER

59 64-Across need: NET

61 23andMe test subject: DNA

62 Frequently complex traffic pattern: Abbr.: CIR

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