LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 5 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 With regard to: ASFOR

6 One might be en route to the ER: EMT

9 Burn the midnight oil, perhaps: CRAM

13 Leachman tied for the most (eight) Emmy wins as a performer: CLORIS

15 Immediately: NOW

16 Screenwriter Ephron: NORA

17 Greet with a honk: TOOTAT

18 Gave the okay to: GREENLIT

20 Where a ring may be left: BATHTUB

22 Beauty: GEM

23 "Mangia!": EAT

24 Like Vivaldi's "Spring": INE

25 Like cartoons: ANIMATED

28 Fršbe who played Goldfinger: GERT

30 Martial arts rank: DAN

31 Show with skits: REVUE

35 Theater director? USHER

38 Brunch standard: MIMOSA

39 Noted Italian campanile that hints at each group of circled letters in this puzzle: THELEANINGTOWER

43 Gregarious: SOCIAL

44 Miller's salesman: LOMAN

45 Name in book publishing since 1915: KNOPF

46 "Silk Stockings" co-star Charisse: CYD

47 Yields to gravity: SAGS

51 Fur coat quality: SOFTNESS

55 Water tester: TOE

56 Number of stars on Ghana's flag: ONE

59 Vein contents: ORE

60 Singer Ed with albums titled "+," "x" and "Ö": SHEERAN

62 Like a tutor's lesson, often: REMEDIAL

65 Wedding acquisitions: INLAWS

66 Dot-__: COMS

67 Punk rock offshoot: EMO

68 Respect: ADMIRE

69 Lose one's cool: SNAP

70 Retired boomer: SST

71 Some HDTVs: SONYS


1 Feign toughness: ACTBIG

2 She took a day off with Ferris: SLOANE

3 Page number, often: FOOTER

4 Sports med. branch: ORTH

5 Ranchero's rope: RIATA

6 An official lang. of Malta: ENG

7 Actor Freeman: MORGAN

8 One in a storm, maybe: TWEET

9 MSNBC rival: CNN

10 Solo, for Ford: ROLE

11 Solo, for Fleming: ARIA

12 "The Resident" star Czuchry: MATT

14 Flabbergast: STUN

19 Many a retired professor: EMERITA

21 Last of two Pennsylvania-born presidents: BIDEN

26 Subject of a painting by Andy and a song by Elton: MARILYN

27 Exorcism targets: DEMONS

29 Dutch exports: TULIPS

32 Promise: VOW

33 Employ: USE

34 Canal setting: EAR

36 Ceviche or sashimi: SEAFOOD

37 Villain #13 on AFI's "100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains": HAL

38 "Thelma & Louise" studio: MGM

39 Sound of reproach: TSK

40 Sweetie: HON

41 Friendly opening? ECO

42 Connection points: NODES

46 Third-stringers: CTEAMS

48 Subway in an Ellington classic: ATRAIN

49 Miss the mark: GOAWRY

50 Feels: SENSES

52 Fast-food favorite: FRIES

53 Branch of Islam: SHIA

54 Thrills: SENDS

56 Tolkien monsters: ORCS

57 Element #10: NEON

58 Madame Bovary: EMMA

61 Ticklish Muppet: ELMO

63 Clairvoyant's claim: ESP

64 Filming site: LOT

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