LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 5 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 5 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 5 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Graf with 22 Grand Slam singles titles: STEFFI

7 Epcot's Spaceship Earth, e.g.: GLOBE

12 Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego: ALIG

16 Part of HMS: HER

19 Soup dish: TUREEN

20 Like many feedbag cereals: OATEN

21 NFL analyst Tony: ROMO

22 Big name in kitchen gadgets: OXO

23 *Pro in a ring: PRIZEFIGHTER

25 Helped throw a party: COHOSTED

27 Boxers' org.? AKC

28 Birth day ordeal: LABOR

29 Boxer's wound: GASH

31 Clock watchers: IDLERS

32 Bygone Russian ruler: TSARINA

34 Sonic the Hedgehog creator: SEGA

35 Math class for coll. credit: APCALC

36 *Challenge for a hopeful collegian: ENTRANCEEXAM

40 Footnote abbr.: OPCIT

42 Removes fasteners from: UNPEGS

45 Hand-rubbing chuckle: HEH

46 Trawler's catch: SHRIMP

48 Firewood option: ASH

49 Title for Marian: MAID

50 Reacts with obvious pleasure: BEAMS

52 Comply with: OBEY

53 Pet peeve? FLEA

54 Cap-and-crown org.? ADA

55 *Multi-faceted stage performance: SLAMPOETRY

58 Believer: THEIST

60 Least amt.: MIN

61 Reasons against: CONS

62 Lands' End department: MENS

63 Barrier __: REEF

64 Historic toolmaking period: IRONAGE

66 Practices, as a trade: PLIES

68 Eyes and ears: SENSORS

71 Chocolate-caramel candy brand: ROLO

72 Industrial arts class, informally: SHOP

73 Actor Cumming of "The Good Wife": ALAN

74 River inlet: RIA

75 International economic coalition: GSEVEN

77 *Military stint: TOUROFDUTY

80 One of the Bobbsey twins: NAN

81 Valley with cellars and sellers: NAPA

82 On the fence: TORN

84 Loathing: ODIUM

85 "__ Misbehavin'": Fats Waller song: AINT

86 Suffix with glob: ULE

87 Ingratiates oneself (to), with "up": COZIES

89 The NBA's Magic: ORL

90 Leave the larval stage: PUPATE

92 __-Croatian language: SERBO

94 *Act of genius: MASTERSTROKE

97 Plant-based sugar substitute: STEVIA

99 Charged atoms: IONS

100 Earliest work in a musical chronology: OPUSONE

104 One making amends: ATONER

105 Winter coat? SNOW

106 Afghan capital: KABUL

108 Initialism for some time away from work: LOA

109 Met a monthly obligation: PAIDRENT

111 Ribbon-cutting event, or what the starts of the answers to starred clues can have: GRANDOPENING

114 Canon initials: SLR

115 Singer from County Donegal: ENYA

116 Like many roofs: EAVED

117 Parking garage designation: ALEVEL

118 Just make, with "out": EKE

119 Insect repellent: DEET

120 Gushes: SPEWS

121 Forensic competition: DEBATE


1 Mar. 17 figure: STPAT

2 Ankara natives: TURKS

3 "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA

4 Topper for 2-Down: FEZ

5 Premonition: FEELING

6 Hospital deliveries: INFANTS

7 Disco era word: GOGO

8 Lion player Bert: LAHR

9 5'9" Giant Mel: OTT

10 Disco band brother: BEEGEE

11 Makes hopping mad: ENRAGES

12 Foot part: ARCH

13 Bath bathroom: LOO

14 "Gotcha, man": IMHIP

15 Perp's pretend friend, in interrogation: GOODCOP

16 *1977 Eagles hit: HOTELCALIFORNIA

17 Works out: EXERCISES

18 Reel holders: RODS

24 Letter-shaped girder: IBAR

26 Hand-to-hand sound: SLAP

30 Brass band members: SAXHORNS

33 Marsh plant: REED

34 Bonehead: SCHMO

35 Yves' squeeze: AMIE

37 Interruption lead-ins: AHEMS

38 Tide type: NEAP

39 "We Have the Meats" sandwich chain: ARBYS

41 This, when over there: THAT

42 Fish sauce taste: UMAMI

43 Low point: NADIR

44 *Liszt list, e.g.: PIANOREPERTOIRE

47 "I'm buying": MYTREAT

50 Downfall: BANE

51 Part-time player: SEMIPRO

53 Bank add-ons: FEES

55 What weight watchers watch: SCALE

56 Access, as a site: LOGONTO

57 Drive origination point: TEE

59 __ Penny: folk tale name: HENNY

65 Smoked salmon: NOVA

66 Calls work from home: PHONESIN

67 Grant on old TV: LOU

68 Blighted area: SLUM

69 Mirthful: RIANT

70 "À votre __!": SANTE

72 Stretch mark, say: STRIA

73 Grownup: ADULT

75 Safari sights: GNUS

76 Pitch from a rep: SALESTALK

78 Lysol targets: ODORS

79 Stands in the forest, perhaps: FIRS

83 Baum princess: OZMA

85 A group of them may be called a shrewdness: APES

87 Dealt with: COVERED

88 Memorable pie throwers: STOOGES

90 Window one would rather keep closed: POPUPAD

91 Tiny Tim's strings: UKULELE

93 Oregon golfing mecca: BEND

95 Swathe: ENWRAP

96 Automaton prefix: ROBO

98 Sherlock's foe Adler: IRENE

101 Three-time A.L. batting champ Tony: OLIVA

102 Nine-piece combo: NONET

103 Sharp-eyed bird: EAGLE

104 Cathedral recess: APSE

105 ER directive: STAT

106 Had already learned: KNEW

107 Supplements, with "to": ADDS

110 Emmy-winning scientist: NYE

112 Melrose in L.A., say: AVE

113 Lincoln's st.: NEB

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