LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 5 July 2022

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Los Angeles Times 5 July 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 5 July 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Seat that may swallow the remote control: SOFA

5 U.K. soccer teams: FCS

8 Tappable symbols: ICONS

13 Happy kitty sound: PURR

14 Washer capacity: LOAD

16 Krispy Kreme buy: DONUT

17 Thing: ITEM

18 "Pitch Perfect" actress Kendrick: ANNA

19 Residence: ABODE

20 *Financial plan followed by a mayor: CITYBUDGET

23 From square one: ANEW

24 "Totally!": YES

25 "It's __-win situation": ANO

26 Breakfast syrup choice: MAPLE

28 *Nests, as a set of measuring cups: FITSTOGETHER

32 Olympian's goal: MEDAL

35 Technical sch.: INST

36 Big primate: APE

37 Words that clarify spelling: ASIN

38 Some postgrad degs.: MAS

39 Bermuda shorts endpoint: KNEE

40 Automobile: CAR

41 Way out there: AFAR

43 No longer vivid: FADED

44 *Achieve one's specific goal: HITTHETARGET

48 Repeated slogan: CHANT

49 Frying liquid: OIL

50 Some laptops: PCS

53 Fish often grilled, on menus: MAHI

55 "Seize the day!," and what the answers to the starred clues literally have: GETAFTERIT

58 Odds partner: EVENS

60 Take five: REST

61 Score in a tennis shutout: LOVE

62 Royal domain: REALM

63 Fill until full: SATE

64 Scissors sound: SNIP

65 Annual cable sports awards: ESPYS

66 Drug used in microdosing therapies, for short: LSD

67 Snakelike swimmers: EELS


1 Like hot wings: SPICY

2 Belly button type: OUTIE

3 Guitar neck features: FRETS

4 West Point team: ARMY

5 Show off shamelessly: FLAUNT

6 Time-share units: CONDOS

7 Participated on karaoke night: SANG

8 Mont. neighbor: IDA

9 Bright blue pigment: COBALT

10 How some tots count to five: ONONEHAND

11 Ready for skinny-dipping: NUDE

12 Instant Pot dish: STEW

15 Mailer-__: programs that send automated messages: DAEMONS

21 Skip out (on): BAIL

22 License plates: TAGS

27 Vet's patient: PET

28 Autograph seeker: FAN

29 Wonder Woman's headpiece: TIARA

30 Fencing blade: EPEE

31 Woodwind insert: REED

32 Name associated with supersonic speed: MACH

33 Actor Morales: ESAI

34 Really inexpensive: DIRTCHEAP

38 Holds weight: MATTERS

39 Kit __ Klub: "Cabaret" setting: KAT

41 "I see now!": AHA

42 __ shui: FENG

43 Perceived: FELT

45 How prosciutto is sliced: THINLY

46 Cooks in an oven: ROASTS

47 Talented: GIFTED

50 Naturally inclined (to): PRONE

51 Courteous: CIVIL

52 Pedometer units: STEPS

53 For a __ pittance: MERE

54 St. crossers: AVES

56 Color named for a duck: TEAL

57 Besides: ELSE

59 Texting format, briefly: SMS

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