LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 5 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 5 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 5 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Plunk down in front of, as a counter: SITAT

6 1-BR listings: APTS

10 Ph.D. wannabe's obstacle: GRE

13 Heart chambers: ATRIA

14 Blue Ribbon beer: PABST

16 Short flight: HOP

17 Gym bar addition: WEIGHTPLATE

19 In days of yore: AGO

20 Opposite of SSW: NNE

21 Seat of Allen County, Kansas: IOLA

22 Pricey watch: ROLEX

24 Fairness principle for bandwidth providers: NETNEUTRALITY

28 Dodos: NINNIES

30 Lumber: WOOD

31 "__ Baby": "Hair" song: ABIE

32 Genie's offering: WISH

33 Hoppy beer, for short: IPA

36 Judicial fact finder: HEARINGEXAMINER

41 Mo. port on the Miss.: STL

42 Mark Harmon TV series: NCIS

43 "Now!" in the ER: STAT

44 Ruler until 1917: TSAR

45 iPad and Kindle Fire: TABLETS

48 What a crossword clue typically starts with: CAPITALLETTER

52 "I didn't expect to see you here": OHHEY

53 Out of the wind: ALEE

54 Itinerary word: VIA

57 Habitat of many schools: SEA

58 Retail come-ons ... and what the starts of the longest Across answers can be? LOSSLEADERS

62 "Live __": Taco Bell slogan: MAS

63 Take off the TiVo: ERASE

64 Lustrous furs: MINKS

65 Poetic tribute: ODE

66 Mannerless one: BOOR

67 Behold, of old: SEEST


1 Like lumber: SAWN

2 Southern coast-to-coast hwy.: ITEN

3 Occurring every third year: TRIENNIAL

4 2008 bailout co.: AIG

5 South Pacific getaway: TAHITI

6 Orchard fruit: APPLES

7 Micronesian setting for the 10th season of "Survivor": PALAU

8 Letters in an incomplete schedule: TBA

9 Retired flier, briefly: SST

10 Ex-U.N. head Boutros-__: GHALI

11 Thesaurus compiler: ROGET

12 Hobbyist's glue: EPOXY

15 Resistance unit equal to one trillion of the basic units: TERAOHM

18 Musical quality: TONE

23 Yellowstone's __ Faithful: OLD

25 Cabinet dept. concerned with nukes: ENER

26 Candy from Mars: TWIX

27 Rights icon Parks: ROSA

28 Casual denials: NAHS

29 "Su-r-r-r-re": IBET

32 "Rushmore" director Anderson: WES

33 Play peacemaker: INTERVENE

34 Bog fuel: PEAT

35 "Fine" studies: ARTS

37 Current, as fashion: INSTYLE

38 Frozen Four org.: NCAA

39 Lass: GIRL

40 5-Down or 7-Down: ISLE

44 Deadlock: TIE

45 Penn's silent partner: TELLER

46 Perfectly, with "to": ATEE

47 Backup squads: BTEAMS

48 Pink drink, for short: COSMO

49 On the horizon: AHEAD

50 Temporary stage: PHASE

51 Catcher at a rodeo: LASSO

55 Really gets to: IRKS

56 Certain prof.'s designation: ASST

59 Poetic planet: ORB

60 __ Paulo, Brazil: SAO

61 Yahtzee cube: DIE

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