LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 5 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 5 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 MSNBC analyst Melber: ARI

4 Olds Cutlass model: CIERA

9 Garbage boats: SCOWS

14 Airport shuttle: VAN

15 Up to this point: ASYET

16 Deck with the Fool and the World: TAROT

17 Make sense of: INTERPRET

19 Yoga pose: ASANA

20 Many a coast-to-coast journey: REDEYEFLIGHT

22 Be concerned: MIND

23 Burr and Hamilton, e.g.: ENEMIES

26 2008 Ridley Scott film set in the Middle East: BODYOFLIES

31 Prefix with scope: ENDO

32 Symbols in email addresses: ATS

33 Fishing equipment: REEL

34 Ryegrass disease: ERGOT

35 Reassuring reply to "You don't look well": IFEELFINE

38 Cal. sequence: MTWTF

41 Indigenous Japanese: AINU

42 Took in: ATE

45 Neighborhood: AREA

46 Championship in a ring: TITLEFIGHT

49 Party popper: BALLOON

51 Invasive plant: WEED

52 Influential in a big way ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles: LIFECHANGING

57 Goes after: HASAT

59 Spanish estates: HACIENDAS

61 "Flashdance...What a Feeling" singer Cara: IRENE

62 Put in office: ELECT

63 Increase, with "up": AMP

64 Big name in wedding invitations: EATON

65 Med measures: DOSES

66 Salty expanse: SEA


1 Prefix for the birds: AVI

2 Went on a rampage: RANRIOT

3 Plans (to): INTENDS

4 Bit of TLC? CARE

5 "__ with my little eye ... ": ISPY

6 "Reader, I married him" governess: EYRE

7 Coral environs: REEF

8 British prime minister after WWII: ATTLEE

9 __ whisper: STAGE

10 Soft wool: CASHMERE

11 Holding the floor: ORATING

12 Got the gold: WON

13 Many a stop: Abbr.: STA

18 Jacuzzi effect: EDDY

21 New officeholders: INS

22 Deg. for a CEO: MBA

24 Old name of Tokyo: EDO

25 Drunk: SOT

27 German composer Carl: ORFF

28 Payment for services: FEE

29 "To Kill a Mockingbird" novelist: LEE

30 __ ease: anxious: ILLAT

34 Plenty, in texts: ENUF

35 Firenze native: ITALIANO

36 Chick-__-A: fast-food chain: FIL

37 Chemistry suffix: INE

38 Queen of folklore: MAB

39 __-la-la: TRA

40 Firmly established: WELLSET

42 Meeting handouts: AGENDAS

43 When you're "ahead of" it, you're likely to succeed: THEGAME

44 JFK stat: ETD

46 Clog part: TOE

47 Made slow progress: INCHED

48 "Victory is mine!": IWIN

50 Many times: OFTEN

53 Divine circle: HALO

54 Killer serves: ACES

55 "Sweet!": NICE

56 Understands: GETS

57 Shake a leg, quaintly: HIE

58 Immortal Notre Dame coach Parseghian: ARA

60 Place for a hot stone massage: SPA

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