LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 5 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Italian sausage choice: MILD

5 Small amounts: BITS

9 Texter's "Holy moly!": OMG

12 As of today: TONOW

13 Code type: PENAL

14 Batman after Michael: VAL

15 Liszt creation: ETUDE

16 Sister of Thalia: ERATO

17 Brown URL suffix: EDU

18 Result of severe yoga class over-registration? THREEONAMAT

20 Like many SSA payment recipients: RET

21 Natural resource: ORE

22 Zion National Park sight: BUTTE

23 Thin man of rhyme: SPRAT

25 Automaker whose Rambler sales were likely aided by the 1958 hit "Beep Beep": NASH

27 Swarms (with): TEEMS

29 Part of RNA: RIBO

30 Jeweler's assurance about mounting one flashy gem? ITLLDOINAPIN

33 Dallas suburb: PLANO

35 Asked for milk, maybe: MEWED

36 Show whose wit is quicker? BEATTOTHEPUN

40 Words from Caesar: ETTU

41 Whale's mouthful: KRILL

42 Gemini, e.g.: SIGN

46 Musical with the song "Endgame": CHESS

48 Obvious flirt: OGLER

50 God in the Vatican: DIO

51 Slice (off): LOP

52 Dander-sensitive visitor's query at the doorway? ISTHEREACAT

55 U.K. singer Rita: ORA

56 Volga-Ural ethnic group member: TATAR

57 Alpine mont: BLANC

58 Enterprise letters: USS

59 Word before now and then: EVERY

60 Heaven partner: EARTH

61 __ Moines: DES

62 Rockefeller Center muralist: SERT

63 Tupperware parts: LIDS


1 Flying foe of Godzilla: MOTHRA

2 Accustoms (to): INURES

3 21-Across bonanza: LODE

4 Socially inept sort: DWEEB

5 Dressed down: BERATED

6 How office directives may be relayed: INAMEMO

7 Leaving word: TATA

8 Vegas array: SLOTS

9 Like bananas used for bread, often: OVERRIPE

10 Raised one's auction paddle, say: MADEABID

11 Insatiable sort: GLUTTON

12 Wyoming's __ Range: TETON

13 Felt-tip marker pioneer: PENTEL

19 Microsoft Office component: OUTLOOK

24 Shellfish entrée: PRAWNS

26 Break: HIATUS

28 Requiring less effort: SIMPLER

31 Boomer? TNT

32 Fresh, to a Fräulein: NEU

33 Lucy, a Clydesdale, in the comic "Non Sequitur," for one: PETHORSE

34 Tardy student's admission slip: LATEPASS

36 Muddle, as one's judgment: BECLOUD

37 Harness racer: TROTTER

38 Sophisticated paintings, say: HIGHART

39 Logical Queen: ELLERY

43 Security desk request: IDCARD

44 NFL team that doesn't play home games in the state it's named for: GIANTS

45 V-shaped cut ... or, in two parts, a hint to four long puzzle answers: NOTCH

47 Locations: SITES

49 Rise up: REBEL

53 Store for future use: SAVE

54 Court game word: ALAI

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