LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 5 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Heck, yeah": SOTRUE

7 Area above an eave: FASCIA

13 Orange-colored snack puff: CHEETO

14 Game with blanks to fill: MADLIBS

15 Says "I'll say," say: AGREES

16 What might make some people single-minded? BADDATES

17 A baseball era was named for them, briefly: ROIDS

18 Trig. calculation: COS

19 Top seen by churchgoers: SPIRE

20 Provocative: EDGY

21 Punch list items: TASKS

23 Sulk: SNIT

24 Strands inside a cell? DNA

25 Kind of shot or gift: PARTING

27 Lincoln's need: GAS

28 Lifesavers, often: ORGANDONORS

31 Creating a disturbance: RAISINGCAIN

33 Be responsible for: BRINGTOPASS

35 Card game for two, usually: WAR

38 Route for shipping vessels: SEALANE

39 See 26-Down: FOX

41 Incessantly: EVER

43 Incline: SLOPE

44 Done some freestyle, say: SWUM

45 Become less green, maybe: RIPEN

47 Mariner's hdg.: SBE

48 Academy Award-winning director who became an army major during World War II: CAPRA

49 Fruit brandy that translates to "water of life": EAUDEVIE

51 Rages: MANIAS

52 Place to put one's dogs? OTTOMAN

53 Software provider sharing a name with a Greek prophet: ORACLE

54 Liam of "Batman Begins": NEESON

55 Kids: TEASES


1 More than a little nervous: SCARED

2 "Why would you even consider that?!": OHGODNO

3 She played Phoebe's mom on "Friends": TERIGARR

4 Like oboe music: REEDY

5 Western natives: UTES

6 Camera named for a Greek goddess: EOS

7 It doesn't last: FAD

8 Sums: ADDS

9 Puts (on) hastily: SLAPS

10 Using as an example: CITING

11 Porto's peninsula: IBERIA

12 They may be fixed: ASSETS

14 Protection against bleeding: MASKINGTAPE

16 Northeast paper with 26 Pulitzers: BOSTONGLOBE

18 Serious lapse: CARDINALSIN

21 Flowers known as golden buttons: TANSIES

22 Shaved-ice treat: SNOCONE

25 Hold 'em holdings: PAIRS

26 Fruit associated with a fabled 39-Across: GRAPE

29 Natter: GAB

30 "Cheap Thrills" singer with Sean Paul: SIA

32 Warning on some forwarded emails, briefly: NSFWPICS

34 Mouth-puckering brew: SOURALE

35 "It's go time!": WEREON

36 Move up in the world? AVIATE

37 Public stature: REPUTE

40 Present times, briefly: XMASES

42 Second tries: REDOS

44 Capital near the Red Sea: SANAA

46 Verne captain: NEMO

48 Au pair's concern: CARE

50 Wheels for a move: VAN

51 Zinger: MOT

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