LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 5 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 5 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Broad City" co-creator Jacobson: ABBI

5 Goya's "Duchess of __": ALBA

9 Edit, in a way: ERASE

14 Coin collector: SLOT

15 Hero's home: DELI

16 Foot specialists? POETS

17 Became unpopular: LOSTFAVOR

19 One-piece dresses: SARIS

20 Rendered less valuable: CHEAPENED

22 Kunis who voices Meg on "Family Guy": MILA

23 Turned blue? ACTEDSAD

25 Olympic gymnast Raisman with six medals: ALY

26 Brings under control: TAMES

28 Show dissatisfaction with: YELLAT

30 Throw on: DON

31 Word with engine or pipe: STEAM

35 Target division: AISLE

36 Nana's babysitting observation, perhaps: IMTOOOLDFORTHIS

39 "Rizzoli & Isles" actress Alexander: SASHA

40 He surpassed Ruth: MARIS

41 10, at times: Abbr.: OCT

42 Brownstone features: STOOPS

44 It's often iced: LATTE

46 Quite a long time: EON

47 First word of #1 titles by Donovan and John Denver: SUNSHINE

51 Stuff: CRAM

53 Powerful ruler: POTENTATE

56 Some game pieces: TILES

58 Major Southeast Asian financial hub: SINGAPORE

60 Prefix suggesting thrift: ECONO

61 Neutral shade: ECRU

62 "Ella Enchanted" villain: OGRE

63 "The Dance Class" painter: DEGAS

64 Ditch: SKIP

65 Take to __: criticize: TASK


1 Soundless speech syst.: ASL

2 Alliance: BLOC

3 "Nonsense!": BOSH

4 Computer support provider: ITTEAM

5 Eventually learns to live in: ADAPTSTO

6 Bank barrier: LEVEE

7 Like some locks: BLOND

8 Buenos __: AIRES

9 Short albums, for short: EPS

10 Knock about: ROAM

11 Drone product: AERIALSHOT

12 2014 drama that earned Julianne Moore a Best Actress Oscar: STILLALICE

13 Final, maybe: ESSAYTEST

18 Dove output: FACESOAPS

21 It breaks every morning: DAY

24 Annual salutation: DEARSANTA

26 "Old Fashioned" Campbell's soup: TOMATORICE

27 Icky-sounding snack: ANTSONALOG

29 Smashed: LIT

30 Analyzed in detail: DISSECTED

32 National Mall tree: ELM

33 Nabokov novel: ADA

34 Short creator? MFR

37 Discovery word: OHO

38 Body-building routine: OILINGUP

43 "How ya doin'?": SUP

45 Spout spot: TEAPOT

48 Bouquets: NOSES

49 Stay on: STICK

50 "The Dance II" artist Matisse: HENRI

52 "Aladdin" star Massoud: MENA

54 __ party: TOGA

55 Goes off: ERRS

57 Brand name that looks like it has a missing period: SOS

59 "Mouse in the house!": EEK

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