LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 5 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 5 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gillette razor introduced several years after the Trac II: ATRA

5 Sleety road concern: SKID

9 Spherical: ORBED

14 Cook, as cavatelli: BOIL

15 Alien-seeking org.: SETI

16 "SNL" producer Michaels: LORNE

17 What "bosun" is short for: BOATSWAIN

19 Words to the audience: ASIDE

20 God of the Quran: ALLAH

21 Minute part of a min.: NSEC

23 Voiced: SAID

24 Necessities: REQUIREMENTS

27 Town mentioned in "Sloop John B": NASSAU

30 Give permission to: LET

31 CPR expert: EMT

32 Kind of sax: ALTO

36 When some news shows air: ATTEN

40 Maxwell Smart catchphrase: WOULDYOUBELIEVE

44 Knee-to-ankle bone: TIBIA

45 Elevator name: OTIS

46 A half-dozen: SIX

47 Cinnabar or hematite: ORE

49 How dishes are often sold: ASASET

52 October holiday in Canada: THANKSGIVING

58 Draws a bead on, with "at": AIMS

59 Centers of activity: LOCI

60 Ventricular outlet: AORTA

64 Bronze or beige: SHADE

66 Quilt, e.g. ... and a hint to the circled letters: BEDSPREAD

68 Sagal of "8 Simple Rules": KATEY

69 Vicinity: AREA

70 First chip in the pot: ANTE

71 "Goosebumps" author R.L.: STINE

72 U.K. mil. medals: DSOS

73 "The Americans" FBI agent Beeman: STAN


1 Palindromic Swedish band: ABBA

2 Saw, for one: TOOL

3 Iranian money: RIAL

4 Rite sites: ALTARS

5 Opposite of NNE: SSW

6 Reeves of "John Wick": KEANU

7 Formal answer to "Who's there?": ITISI

8 Home fries server: DINER

9 Suffix with Cray-: OLA

10 "Goblin Market" poet Christina: ROSSETTI

11 "Monty Python's Life of __": BRIAN

12 Split up: ENDIT

13 Monopoly cards: DEEDS

18 Mr. Met's former stadium: SHEA

22 Cartoon frame: CEL

25 Wharf: QUAY

26 Word after Happy or square: MEAL

27 Politico Gingrich: NEWT

28 Mine, in Amiens: AMOI

29 Retained part of a paycheck: STUB

33 Canterbury commode: LOO

34 Tsk relative: TUT

35 Kimono sash: OBI

37 Hardy's "__ of the D'Urbervilles": TESS

38 Songwriter Sands: EVIE

39 Bakery call: NEXT

41 Simba's home: LIONSDEN

42 Like the night, usually: DARK

43 Morales of "La Bamba": ESAI

48 Immigrant's subj.: ESL

50 Easy thing to do: SNAP

51 Old Greek gathering places: AGORAS

52 "Honey do" list items: TASKS

53 Drum kit cymbals: HIHAT

54 Valuable viola: AMATI

55 Spoil: GOBAD

56 Cupcake-topping workers: ICERS

57 YouTube clip: VIDEO

61 __-a-car: RENT

62 "Later," stylishly: TATA

63 Yemeni seaport: ADEN

65 Watching organ: EYE

67 Flier to Oslo: SAS

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