LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 5 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 5 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Competition prize: MEDAL

6 "Sistas" and "Being Mary Jane" cable channel: BET

9 Toaster, often: EMCEE

14 Like Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louis: ALONE

15 Former boxer Laila who wrote "Food for Life": ALI

16 Ancient Greek physician: GALEN

17 *Helmet part: CHINSTRAP

19 Pick at the polls: ELECT

20 In __: as found: SITU

21 Tate Modern collection: ART

22 Taj Mahal location: ASIA

23 *Diamond protectors: INFIELDTARPS

28 Chip raw material: POTATO

30 Hosp. areas: ORS

31 Half a cocktail: TAI

32 Neat as __: APIN

33 Artist Yoko: ONO

34 Scuttlebutt: DIRT

35 *Unlikely roles for mimes: SPEAKINGPARTS

39 Pol. units until 1991: SSRS

40 "The Sign" pop group __ of Base: ACE

41 Start to commute? TELE

42 Previously: AGO

43 Polished off: ATE

44 Sign usually seen at night: CLOSED

46 *Crustacean catchers: LOBSTERTRAPS

49 Teases: RIBS

50 Golfer Poulter or Woosnam: IAN

51 Hybrid Jamaican fruit: UGLI

55 Pickling solution: BRINE

57 Nursery rhyme guy whose last name inspired the answers to starred clues? JACKSPRAT

59 Gulps down: CHUGS

60 Boat on a 40-day mission: ARK

61 Clinton running mate: KAINE

62 Halley's __: COMET

63 Grill fuel: GAS

64 Ski resort that shares its name with a tree: ASPEN


1 Brits' raincoats: MACS

2 Pre-college, briefly: ELHI

3 "Stop stalling!": DOIT

4 Recurring payments: ANNUITIES

5 Article in Elle France: LES

6 Spanish district: BARRIO

7 Get a big grin out of: ELATE

8 Money left on the table: TIP

9 Expels: EGESTS

10 Former first daughter: MALIA

11 Proof of legal ownership: CLEARTITLE

12 Continental trade gp.: EEC

13 Sinus doc: ENT

18 1920s chief justice: TAFT

22 __ in the bucket: ADROP

24 Grammy: NANA

25 Word with Beach or Island: LONG

26 Grammatically analyzed: PARSED

27 Convene: SIT

28 One way to earn $200: PASSGO

29 Cause of disgrace: OPPROBRIUM

33 Number of Eagles' Super Bowl wins: ONE

34 Play the part of in costume: DRESSUPAS

36 Beckinsale and Winslet: KATES

37 Bakery employee: ICER

38 Resting on: ATOP

39 Cantina condiment: SAL

43 Ideally: ATBEST

44 Finally spills the beans: CRACKS

45 Slender: LANK

47 Burn a bit: SINGE

48 Crown: TIARA

52 Golf lesson subject: GRIP

53 Country road: LANE

54 Hwy. through San Antonio and Houston: ITEN

55 Email option, briefly: BCC

56 Pi follower: RHO

57 Beemer rival: JAG

58 Reggae kin: SKA

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