LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 5 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 5 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Simple starts: ABCS

5 Move unsteadily: LURCH

10 Mex. title: SRTA

14 Yawn-inducing: SLOW

15 "That's __": 1953 Top 10 hit: AMORE

16 Close relative, often: HEIR

17 Stuffing ingredient: SAGE

18 Furniture for an angler? WATERTABLE

20 German article: EINE

21 Kind of barbecue: OPENPIT

22 Furniture for an efficiency expert? SNAPPYDRESSER

26 Worldly: SECULAR

27 Highways: Abbr.: RTES

30 Small game pieces: PAWNS

32 Alphabetically fifth of Santa's reindeer: DASHER

34 Phone download: APP

37 Hidden: CLOAKED

39 One attached to a binding, perhaps: SKI

40 Organized set: SERIES

42 Family group: MAFIA

44 Cheat, in a way: PEEK

45 Gather dust: LIEIDLE

49 Furniture for a military officer? SERVICEBUREAU

54 Against: NOTWITH

55 Anna Pigeon mystery series writer Nevada __: BARR

56 Furniture for an event planner? PARTYCHAIR

59 Plus: ALSO

60 You won't get cards without it: ANTE

61 Actress Knightley: KEIRA

62 Barely go (through): SEEP

63 Red ink: LOSS

64 Touch, say: SENSE

65 White-tailed shore bird: ERNE


1 Weigh: ASSESS

2 Illusionist David known for death-defying stunts: BLAINE

3 Hennessy product: COGNAC

4 Remove with a broom: SWEEPUP

5 __ of diminishing returns: LAW

6 First name in "Pulp Fiction" credits: UMA

7 Turbine part: ROTOR

8 __ paper: CREPE

9 "__ a bottle and an honest friend!": HERES

10 Woodworking tools: SHAPERS

11 New beginnings: REBIRTHS

12 List: TILT

13 Equals: ARE

19 Heavy wts.: TNS

23 Word after fire or first: PLACE

24 Two-masters: YAWLS

25 1962 villain played by Joseph Wiseman: DRNO

28 Startled cry: EEK

29 Hindu title: SRI

31 Short beer order: SAM

32 Emergency room treatment, for short: DEFIB

33 Parting word: ADIEU

34 Hieroglyphics creature: ASP

35 One of a peppery trio? PEE

36 Does a laundry task: PRESORTS

38 Mustard family member: KALE

41 Aptly named backing group for the Turners: IKETTES

43 Flight center: AIRBASE

46 Place to get wheels: DEALER

47 Yankee Don who pitched the only no-hitter (a perfect game) in World Series history: LARSEN

48 Iceland is in it: EUROPE

50 Letters after either Cowboy St. senator's name: RWY

51 Maker of NyQuil and DayQuil: VICKS

52 "... __ wed": ITHEE

53 Mountain __: CHAIN

54 Technology start: NANO

56 Amigo: PAL

57 Org. that takes many forms: IRS

58 Issa of "Awkward Black Girl": RAE

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